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Let Markets Work!

Last week, as oil surged to $75/barrel and retail gasoline prices broached the $3/gallon level again, came renewed calls for the government to “do something, anything”. The thinking on this issue continues to be highly confused. The loudest cries were for the imposition of windfall taxes on oil companies. True, the profits that the majors […]

It’s the Jobs, Stupid

Advocates of renewable energy are increasingly promoting the prospects of job creation as a key reason to aggressively move to renewable energy. One of the more publicized initiatives to link renewable energy to job creation is the Apollo Alliance. This organization recently completed a study that estimates over 3 million jobs to be created in […]

PowerGen Renewables: Viva Las Vegas!

This past week, I attended probably the largest annual pan-renewables event in the U.S.: PowerGen Renewables, held each spring in Las Vegas. This event is produced by Pennwell (which puts on the immense annual PowerGen show for the conventional power generation industry), and is organized by the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). The keynote […]

Thoughts on Offshore Wind Energy in US

In Europe, wind energy is moving offshore. It’s simple, really: Europe is densely-populated, land is scarce and hence valuable, and so anyone wanting to develop new wind projects is looking at putting turbines in the Baltic Sea. A side benefit is that the wind resource is more plentiful offshore, not subject to disturbance from hills […]

Black and Green: Strange Bedfellows

Most environmentalists have a knee-jerk wretching reaction to coal. In a word, coal is “dirty”. Uncontrolled, burning coal results in about twice the carbon emissions as burning natural gas — not to mention all of the other nasties (sulfur dioxide, NOx, particulates, mercury, etc.). So imagine my surprise when I met the other day with […]

Areva Has Arrived?

In her weekly column in New Power Executive, Diane Borska of The Borska Group often is able to surface insights that I might have otherwise missed. This week, she profiles Areva, the French company created in 2001 through the merger of CEA Industrie, Cogema and Framatome. Article on Areva in New Power Executive Diane makes […]

The View from Pew

I had the privilege last week of attending a speech given by Eileen Claussen, the President of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. Pew is a critical organization in constructively spreading awareness and promoting practical thinking among government and business leaders about the climate change issue. Ms. Claussen’s main message was that it was […]

Cleveland Rocks!

That’s the motto for Cleveland, it being the home of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. For those of us who care about the clean tech arena, Cleveland also rocks because the area is making bets on advanced energy technologies. Many local constituencies recognize that the clean energy sector represents a tremendous opportunity for […]