is the leading portal for energy & environmental technology commercialization.

Energy prices are rising. Global warming and emissions are on the rise. As a result the industry has seen an explosion in interest in new clean technologies, “Cleantech” in areas ranging from oil & gas, energy generation, storage, and efficiency, to water, agriculture, recycling, transportation, and environmental remediation, as well as renewable and alternative energy.

However, the technologies, their prospective customers and the investors needed to fund them are scattered around the globe, without a geographical center of gravity.’s mandate is to be the access point for the growing number of individuals and companies involved in the sector. We seek to allow these participants to develop networks with each other, and to access information and resources to facilitate commercialization of clean technologies through an interactive experience.

  • In a globalized world R&D is under pressure to deliver greater impact and ROI
    • The old research center model and the “1:1 R&D contracting model” is breaking down
    • In cleantech and energy this has been a crucial issue
  • Technology commercialization has likewise become harder and more challenging, and more costly
  • As a virtual incubator since 2007
    • maintains one of the largest networks in cleantech, c. 40,000 online members
    • And is working hard on helping to solve this challenge through better collaboration

Think of as the “middleware” connecting developers of and aggregators of clean technology with the incubators, venture capital networks, information resources, and people needed to bring technologies out of the lab and into the market.

At a nuts and bolts level, provides the technology, programs, and social networking infrastructure to enable technology developers, corporate R&D, technology transfer centers and labs, and startups to more effectively secure resources, reach the capital markets, and commercialize their technologies, and corporate innovation, business, and R&D arms to rapidly and cost effectively find or commercialize technologies.

Vision & Mission
“, the virtual incubator for energy and clean technologies.”

As a core part of its mission has developed a global Internet portal and virtual incubator for energy & environmental technology commercialization participants.

The target audience of the portal is:

– Scientists, researchers, R&D heads, innovation managers, inventors, entrepreneurs, labs, tech transfer offices and early stage companies looking to commercialize clean technology
– Entrepreneurs, executives, mentors, and early stage investors looking to become personally involved in clean technology ventures
– Corporate executives, innovation managers, venture capitalists, technologists, and business looking to source R&D, and drive rapid commercialization internally and externally provided a virtual incubator for early stage energy and environmental technologies and technologists, and capture the interaction with the technology opportunities at the point of origin.

Technology & Operations technology runs in a low cost, scalable, SaaS on SaaS environment. operates its network through a combination of social media groups, and a dedicated network portal on

  •  We operate the 50,000+ member Members Group through an enewsletter and social media groups including 30,000 dedicated to cleantech, and 8,000 dedicated to carbon, integrated with our portal. These networks stretch across every continent except Antarctica, and include members from 50+ countries.
  • We offer open access to one of the leading research databases on technology in cleantech, a 10 year multi-client R&D sourcing study by our research director, former EPRI and Brookhaven research scientist Dr. Ed Beardsworth, which was provided from 1993 to 2005 to 25 of the largest utilities in the North America and Europe. This study is the source of our book, Technology Perspectives in Cleantech.
  • We have published a number of private research briefs on the state of cleantech for major corporate clients.
    We helped pioneer the concept of the “managed network”, developing and managing a set of branded integrated networks and collaborative tools on the web.

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What we offer

  • The only place on the web where with one click you can submit business plans to every cleantech investor in the database.
  • 600+ Research Briefs on over a decade of technology development in Cleantech
  • Panel of leading industry experts available to network
  • Database of cleantech investors, incubators, and angel networks
  • Analysis and commentary from Cleantech Blog, named one of the 50 Best Business Blogs by the London Times