Investment Bankers Talk Energy Technology

As the new-economy/dotcom bubble was hitting it’s last high in March 2000, Energy Technology was 3 months into a bubble of its own. Plug Power’s IPO the previous Fall did nothing until the fateful day in early January 2000, when an online commentator listed it as one of the 10 stocks to own in the new millenium.

Just a very few bankers had previously started paying attention to ET. See for example “Energy Technology” Nov ’99, by Hugh Holman of CIBC World Markets (at the time he was with Robertson Stephens. (see UFTO website). Actually Hugh began covering the power revolution in 1998 with a piece entitled “Rejoice Re: Juice”.

Since then just about every major firm has joined the fray, initiating coverage, holding conferences, and issuing reports by the dozens…weekly and monthly newsletters, special research, etc. These reports give terrific insight, and contain a great deal of information and perspective, however they are usually not available to the general public. Clients can get password access via the firm’s website. The analysts themselves, however, are often willing to add industry players to their email distribution, and to mail out hard copies. Here is a selection of titles and contacts.

[Several of the firms listed below were very directly affected by the attack on September 11, and are in the process of regrouping. Surely they will appreciate your patience if you have trouble making contact, as we certainly are heartened by their spirit and progress in rebuilding their operations.]

Bear Stearns — Bobby Winters,

“Distributed Energy Services” —
-Part I – Apr 2000 250 pages. New energy technology, incl. storage, fuel cells, etc.
-Part II – Nov 2000. 240 pages. Comprehensive look at microturbines, stirling, etc.
-Part III (coming soon) – P/Q, reliability, UPS, digital economy, etc.


BofA Securities —
Jim LoGerfo,
Ali Agha,

-E-Energy Industry Overview (ecommerce in energy) Mar 2000, 70 pages
-Energy Technology Industry Overview, Jun 2000, 230 pages
-Alternative Energy Technologies Industry Overview, Jan 2001, 88 pages
-Power of Growth: Energy Technology Weekly
—plus numerous research reports on individual companies

-The Digital Home Handbook ? Intelligence At The Edge Apr 2001, 345 pages
available for download at


CIBC World Markets — Hugh Holman,
(temporary email:

-Daily Jolt (email newsletter)
-“Power Tech-The Juice Runs Low” Sept 2001
latest in long series of industry reports


Credit-Suisse First Boston —
Marko Pencak,
Cameron Jeffreys,

-Energy Technology: An Overview, Aug 2000, 74 pages
– Fuel Cell Monitor (weekly)


First Albany — &
-Power Technology Weekly



Sam Brothwell,
Christine Farkas,

-Energy Tech-Europe May 2001, 110 pages
(initiates coverage on sev. European companies)
-iOn Energy Technology (weekly)


Salomon Smith Barney — Dave Smith,

-The Electrical Revolution Jan 2001, 330 pages,
DG and P/Q and digital economy
-Fuel Cells, May 2001, 180 pages
-The Transmission Grid (the “other” problem), Jun 2001, 30 pages


Red Herring
While on the subject of business coverage of energy tech, the Sept 1 issue of Red Herring (Enron on the cover) has another special briefing section on energy. This link may get you to the lead article (be sure to get the whole thing, without a linebreak).


Business Week, Aug 13 issue has a Special Advertising section featuring an excellent summary of the entire energy situation. It’s very well done, and if you’ve ever struggled to explain it to your family and friends, this will help. It is written by Jason Makansi, of Pearl Street Inc., who is the former editor in chief of Power magazine.

Follow the headings in the left hand margin to step through the sections.