There has got to be a better way to do R&D and technology commercialization in a globalized world. A distributed way. A low cost way. A fast way. We are all searching for better bang for the buck, faster cycles on R&D, and speed to market and crossing the valley of death for technology commercialization. Especially in energy and cleantech.

  • Corporate Innovation Research Management Program’s CIRM Program is a low cost, rapid deployment, tailored, private single or multiclient management program for topic based R&D origination and management. We lower the cost of finding, vetting, delivering, contracting, and managing distributed small scale R&D for a corporate through a tailored managed solicitations and standardized contracting process using our 40,000 member global Network, and 10 years of R&D experience. Industry capabilities include energy, oil & gas, upstream, downstream, and midstream, power, chemicals, water, cleantech, renewables, environmental technologies, software and IT.

Multiple program structures and IP arrangements are available.

Call or email us for details. For Oil & Gas Dr. Bill Salathiel, for Cleantech, Dr. Ed Beardsworth.

  • Proprietary Research Consulting Teams are available for research studies in oil & gas technology, technology and market landscaping, venture capital.

  • Technology Commercialization Management Program teams have extensive experience in launching startups and commercializing products as startup teams, as spinouts or new business units of major international companies, and as commercialization initiatives from R&D labs. has designed and honed an integrated fast paced technology commercialization program called Strategy by Doing that combines EIR, business development, and strategic planning to rapidly source new opportunities and technologies launch new initiatives in 90-180 days. This program has been successfully used at a private R&D lab, multiple major energy companies, and multiple startups for both cross-border and new market entry, technology and R&D scouting, and technology spinoff management.

Under Strategy by Doing, teams manage the entire process through new company or business unit launch, first customer ship. We not do stop consulting advice.

  • Startup Incubation

In select cases will undertake to incubate a new technology or team. Assembling executive teams, securing customers and partners, developing technology, raising capital. Call us if you have a technology looking to come to market. Contact Jeff Bentley


  • Due Diligence Services teams are available for select short term due diligence assignments. See Expertise page and team bios for details on technical areas. Contact William Salathiel