In addition to our illustrious and global team, Cleantech.Org is supported by its network of 40,000 executive, technical and commercial experts in both energy, power, and oil & gas, anchored by a select group of senior experts in the field of energy innovations and technology.

  • Paul Dickerson, Advisor, former Chief Operating Officer for the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), JD, CPA, Of Counsel, Mintz Levin
  • Dr. Sergio Kapusta, Senior Technical Fellow & Advisor, ret. Chief Scientist for Materials, Shell
  • Michael Albosta, Advisor, former head of emerging technology and alternative energy, ConocoPhillips
  • Dan Rastler, Senior Technical Fellow, former head of energy storage, Electric Power Research Institute, EPRI
  • Richard Stuebi, Advisor, Vice President US Strategy and Group Technology, National Grid
  • Woody Gibson, Advisor, founder of Smart Wires, Zenergy Power, and over a dozen other startups in energy, power, and environmental technologies.
  • Russ Conser, Advisor, ret. head of GameChanger, Shell