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Renewable Energy and Big Business

A new report from a group with a horrifically unwieldy name — the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) — indicates a record level of investment in renewable energy worldwide. REN21 Report “Renewables 2005: A Global Status Report” The lead author of the report Eric Montinot claims that “Renewable energy has become […]

A Rant on ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil was the subject of a none-too-flattering profile recently in USA Today, which documented the company’s long-standing opposition to investing in renewable energy technology development: USA Today Article Subsequent to running the article, letters to the USA Today editors indicated at least some citizen outrage at ExxonMobil for their shortsighted view. No doubt as a […]

Competition Is Our Friend

I have long been an advocate of true, effective deregulation of the electricity industry. Of course, when typically uttered in the context of the power sector, the word “deregulation” conjures up images of the California experience of the 1998-2002 era — which was an abomination involving government intervention against market forces at many levels, and […]

Energy’s Dirty Little Secret

Opponents of renewable energy are quick to point out with disdain that renewable energy sources wouldn’t be viable without subsidies. As one who tends to hate subsidies because of their tendency to create perverse market distortions, as well as their spurious on-again/off-again nature (e.g., wind PTC circa 1999-2004), I am sympathetic to arguments that employ […]

Project Finance for Renewables

Structured energy project finance has been relatively commonplace in supporting the development of new energy facilities over the past 20 years. Central to the concept of project finance is disaggregating risk and parceling it out to specific parties who can accept that risk. As a result, project finance works great for the 30th or 40th […]

Renewable Portfolio Standards: Good or Bad?

In his columns featured in New Power Executive, Professor Robert Michaels of Cal State Fullerton is usually good for ruffling a few feathers. Recently, he took on the issue of renewable portfolio standards, with his typical contrarian stance that they are an abomination. In defense of his position, Prof. Michaels leaned heavily on the work […]

Coming Convergence of Energy, Environmental and Capital Markets

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Peter Fusaro in New York to discuss the evolution of the energy and environmental marketplace. For those of you who know Peter, spending time with him is akin to drinking triple-shot espresso out of a fire hydrant — a mixed metaphor perhaps, but one that should […]

Biofuels: Their Future Is Now?

The title of this post (without the question mark) was the title of September’s monthly American Bar Association renewable energy teleconference. For those who are interested, I recommend listening into these inexpensive monthly sessions to remain current on renewable energy developments. American Bar Association renewables link Of particular interest in this past week’s biofuels conference […]