Dimmable Electronic Ballast

Subject: UFTO Note — Dimmable Electronic Ballast
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 19:13:45 -0800
From: Ed Beardsworth

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Dimmable Electronic Ballast

Most dimmable ballasts available on the market are too expensive and difficult to install, which has limited their use to only very specialized applications. Now, it appears that the long-sought cost and performance for dimmable ballasts has been reached, making wide scale application feasible.

Electronic Lighting, Inc. (ELI) is a startup company which is bypassing traditional distribution channels and the strong conservatism of the lighting supply industry, going direct to ESCOs and others ready to do “smart lighting”. They’ve had a number of successful commercial installations. Some of your companies already know about ELI’s ballast, but there hasn’t been much activity beyond the “test and evaluation” phase.

The following is adapted from company literature:

SmartStart Controllable Dimming Electronic Series 700 Ballasts cost significantly less than other dimming ballasts. They are the nucleus for practical daylight harvesting system, and systems controlled by low-voltage occupancy sensors, manual dimming controls, and building automation systems.

Installation of ELI control systems is easy and inexpensive with snap-together low voltage wiring and allows for multiple control functions. ELI’s retrofit Daylight Harvesting System can save up to 40% more energy than can be obtained with fixed output electronic ballast retrofits. Low inrush current results in long controller and lamp life.

ELI also offers a “standard” Electronic Ballast with Controlled Rapid Start

Until now, the choice was between rapid-start ballasts, which promise longer lamp life but consume more energy, or instant-start ballasts, which offer lower energy costs but shorten lamp life. ELI’s proprietary SmartStart® uses a unique driven-inverter circuit, rather than a self- oscillating circuit, to control the pre-heat interval and starting current.

It is no longer necessary to trade lamp life for energy savings. ELI’s SmartStart ballasts give both. Also, since the SmartStart ballast’s circuit design is more efficient, the ballast runs cooler than traditional rapid start ballasts.

ELI’s ballasts use only highly reliable, high- efficiency components which yield cooler operating temperatures (without potting) and lighter weight. ELI ballasts are built in an ISO 9002 certified facility to ensure manufacturing quality.

SmartStart ballasts compensate for system faults in a non-destructive manner to both the ballast and lamp. ELI’s patented technology handles a wide variety of system failures such as AC power input faults (brown- outs and voltage spikes), lamp operation faults, and ballast connection faults (including broken leads to the lamp, lamp replacement and restarting).

DOE Task Force on Elec. Reliability & EEI committee

Subject: UFTO Note – DOE Task Force on Elec. Reliability & EEI committee
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 09:16:15 -0700
From: Ed Beardsworth <edbeards@batnet.com>
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Following up on last week’s UFTO Notes about DOE’s Roundtable meetings and the mysterious account of the O’Leary-CEOs meeting, here are more developments.

1. More details on the proposed DOE SEAB Task Force on Elec. Reliability. There’s been no decision as yet. The writeup attached below appears on the DOE-SEAB web site, but with no links to it. (Thanks to Jerry Lonergan, KEURP, for the tip.)

2. A recent news story about EEI’s plans to form an industry committee, presumeably to represent IOUs in dealings with DOE and the task force.

Also, copies of the DOE report to the President about the July 2 western power outage (DOE/PO-0050) are available from the DOE Office of Policy. Contact is Jim Fremont, 202-586-5735. Jim also maintains their mailing list (in case you didn’t see their mailing about the Roundtable Meetings).



Objectives and Scope of Activities: To provide advice, information, and recommendations to the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board on issues related to the reliability of bulk electricity systems in the United States.


The major power outages in the western U.S. of July 2 and August 10, 1996 have brought widespread attention to the issue of electric system reliability. The electric industry is in the midst of a complex transition to competition. This transition will induce many far-reaching changes in the structure of the industry and the institutions which regulate it. The transition also raises many issues related to reliability, as new entities emerge in power markets and as generation becomes less integrated with transmission.

The role of the Task Force on Electric System Reliability will be to advise on critical institutional, technical, and policy issues that need to be addressed in order to maintain bulk electric system reliability in the context of a more competitive industry. Among other things, the Task Force will consider whether existing federal law should be modified and will also identify key technical issues that need to be addressed in order to maintain the reliability of the electric grid as it is used more intensively for regional power transfers. These issues should be framed as an agenda for a collaborative research program involving the Department, its national laboratories, the North American Electric Reliability Council and the regional reliability councils, the Electric Power Research Institute, academic institutions, corporate participants in wholesale power transactions, and others.

Description of the Task Force’s Duties:

The Task Force shall prepare periodic reports identifying and suggesting ways to address key institutional, technical, and policy issues associated with maintaining bulk electric system reliability in the context of a competitive electric industry.


The Task Force shall report to the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board.

Estimated Number and Frequency of Meetings:

The Task Force is expected to meet approximately six times per year. Meetings will be scheduled as the Task Force chair deems necessary for the Task Force to accomplish its duties and purposes.


The Task Force’s membership shall reflect a balance of expertise and viewpoints. Members shall include members of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, as well as members of the public, and shall include representatives of affected electricity producer and marketing groups, federal and state agencies, reliability organizations, academic and other experts on reliability, and other relevant stakeholder groups. Members shall be appointed for terms of two years, renewable for a second term.


The Secretary of Energy shall designate a chair or two co-chairs for the Task Force on Electric System Reliability.

Working Groups:

To facilitate the functioning of the Task Force, the Task Force may establish working groups on its own initiative. The objective of a working group would be to undertake fact finding and analysis on behalf of the Task Force, with respect to matters within the responsibilities of the Task Force, focusing on short and long term requirements.

The Chairperson (or co-chairs), in consultation with the Department, will appoint members of working groups. Persons from outside the Task Force may be appointed to a working group to secure expertise needed to conduct committee business. Working groups shall meet as the Task Force deems appropriate.

Duration and Termination Date:

This Charter shall expire three years from the date of the Task Force’s establishment, subject to extension or dissolution by the Chairman of Secretary of Energy Advisory Board.
-#2——————————– U.S. utilities to study power grid reliability

Source: Reuters Oct 16, 1996

WASHINGTON, Reuters via Individual Inc. : The Edison Electric Institute, which represents investor-owned utilities, said Wednesday it had set up a panel of top executives to review U.S. power grid reliability and possibly recommend mandatory rules for operating the system.

The move comes after two major power outages in the West in July and August and comes amid sweeping changes drawing new players into the power market and widening use of the grid.

The committee plans to work with the Energy Department and the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC), the main industry body which ensures transmission reliability.

The group plans to make recommendations for improving transmission operating standards, enforcing standards, pricing of transmission, and developing new technologies.

“Competition means that all players now must adhere to those rules, and perhaps new ones, to ensure reliability for all consumers,” EEI said.

In a recent letter to commissioner James Hoecker on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, EEI said that the voluntary system of complying with reliability rules “may no longer be adequate in the new competitive environment.”

“Many advocate that mandatory NERC operating and reliability standards most likely will be needed in order to maintain reliability regardless of how regional market structures evolve,” the EEI letter dated Oct 10 said.

DOE SBIR Commercialization Forum

Subject: UFTO Note – DOE SBIR Commercialization Forum
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 09:21:35 -0700
From: Ed Beardsworth <edbeards@batnet.com>

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Abstracts for 40 companies which were presented at the:

“Dawnbreaker DOE Commercialization Opportunity Forum”,
Washington DC, Oct. 8-9, 1996

These are small businesses that have received DOE SBIR funding, and who are seeking investors or business partners (or customers).

– Each one has prepared a business plan, with coaching by DOE commercialization consultants.
– The companies appear in order of interest to utilities–most interesting first (not a rigorous ranking).
– Last paragraph of text (appearing before Company name and address) was prepared by company itself.
– Other comments are by UFTO.
– You may disregard numbers appearing after title (n//m) :
n = interest rank ordering, and m = company # as listed in program materials.
– Companies are separated by a line that starts with two back-slash characters, which you can use to parse this long text record if you need to.

Plant Environmental and Cost Optimization System (PECOS) ™: On-line software to minimize power generation cost
1//3 VERY Interesting
Integrates coal yard, boiler & NOx control, steam side operation and byproducts into a single cost function. (Competitors treat only one part) One year payback. Doing Coal Monitor Wkstn with TVA. (EPRI members can use TC $ towards installation.) Impressive and convincing story.

This company’s product is unique in its comprehensive approach, cost focus, and distributed architecture. This on-line software advises plant operators on settings to minimize controllable costs of power generation. The software covers all areas of plant operations such as dynamic coal sorting and blending, efficiency, control of all emissions, and disposal/sale of byproducts. The company has strong ties in the utility industry. It is currently testing the product on-line at two power stations, and sales to other plants are in negotiation. The software can also be adapted for other process industries. The company seeks a strategic partner which is either a utility or other organization with an existing base of services and/or sales in the utility industry to participate in an emerging market with a total size of $200,000,000 in the U.S. The partner will profit through appreciation of shares in a dynamic company by generating revenues through sales and implementation services for the product and by the synergistic growth of its other related businesses in the utility industry. (FOSSIL)

Praxis Engineers
Randhir Sehgal, President
852 N. Hillview Dr.
Milpitas CA 95035
Cost-effective retrofit, ultra low-NOx coal burner which also removes SOx and ash
1//11 VERY Interesting
Retrofit replacement for PC burners at $60-90/kw installed (cheaper than scrubbers, GTs, buying credits or low S coal).
Rotating drum creates artificial x10 gravity for mini-fluid bed gasifier. Removes ash! NOx below 100ppm and SOx is 90% controlled. Use crush/pellet coal not pulverized. Good with RDF.

The Company has developed its patented Rotary Combustor (RC) to allow electric utilities to refire boilers to meet Clean Air Act emissions standards for the year 2000 and to improve efficiency at cost significantly lower than any alternative solution. The RC is an ultra low-NOx burner which also removes SOx in the combustion process. Refiring with the RC competes effectively in cost and performance in the combined $1 billion market for scrubbing equipment, low-NOx burners, and SCR systems. We are seeking a strategic partner to help manufacture and market the RC and related technologies. (NOX & SOX, FOSSIL)

Spinheat Ltd.
Michael Virr, President
1222 Bronson Rd.
Fairfield CT 06430
NDE Systems for monitoring age degradation and manufacturing quality
1//16 Very Interesting
As one example, inexpensive sensor could be left installed under piping insulation; connect instrument to take reading. Has EPRI $ for validation of real-time imaging in power plants. Information pkg available–looks solid.

This company’s patented technology provides breakthrough capabilities in quantitative nondestructive characterization. Portable systems integrate thin and conformable electromagnetic sensors, model-based GridStation TM software, and board-level instrumentation. Rapid scanning for clusters of microcracks, precrack fatigue damage monitoring and coating characterization are examples of the new capabilities offered by this proprietary technology. Fully integrated systems are being demonstrated at trade shows and sold to target customers for pilot-plant testing. Target markets for products and services exceed $300 million. This company seeks strategic alliances with market leading service providers, and an infusion of capital to finance manufacturing scale up and the expansion of field capacity, to meet current and expanding demand. (NUCLEAR, FOSSIL)

JENTEK Sensors
Neil J. Goldfine, President
Watertown MA 02172
Cost-effective electrochromic windows
1//24 Very Interesting
The only U.S. company to focus solely on this technology. First patent for ceramic thin film coatings. Use several coatings on glass. Pass DC current for 90% blockage of visible and 100% of IR and UV for sophisticated lighting and HVAC control.

This company has developed a patented ceramic thin-film electrochromic technology that gives users the ability to adjust the level of tinting of their glass from nearly clear to very dark. This gives the user the ability to effectively control glare and heat gain in windows. Sageglass delivers the durability, pleasing visual characteristics, low cost and customer benefits required for the architectural window markets. This company projects sales of $80 million in the year 2002. The company seeks a strategic partner in the glass window or energy management industry to scale up manufacturing for commercial product introduction. (END USE)

SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.
Mike Myser, Director Marketing and Sales
Piscataway NJ 088540-0278
Landfill gas (LFG) to products, using carbon dioxide (CO2) wash technology
2//28 Very interesting
Land Fill Gas to Methane, and Liquid CO2, where some of the LCO2 is used to wash contaminants out of the gas. Looking for partners.

Company conceived, developed, patented, and demonstrated carbon dioxide (CO2) wash technology which converts landfill gas (LFG) to products including electricity, medium Btu gas, pipeline gas, liquid methane, liquid CO2, and methanol. Company was founded in 1989 for the advancement of innovative gas separation technology for high CO2 streams. There are 2,900 active landfills in the U.S. which could use this technology. Average investment is $7.5 million with payback under 3 years. Company offers the only technology which (1) derives the separating agent (CO2) from LFG, (2) is insensitive to changes in contaminant composition and concentration of LFG, (3) produces liquid CO2 from LFG, and (4) allows multiple end uses for LFG.

Acrion Technologies
Bill Brown, President
Cleveland OH
Highly graphitic carbon fiber reinforcement
Vapor grown carbon fiber, low cost, simple continuous process. Very different from other fibers. High effective surface area. Injection moldable, smooth finish. Can be used in major quantities to reinforce tires, wood products, concrete(including ash-based?). Made from Hi Sulfur Coal, with methane as by product.

This company has developed a proprietary, highly graphitic carbon fiber reinforcement having a diameter of 0.2 microns, a length of 100 microns, and a low production cost. The unique combination of small size, high reinforcement value, and low cost enables broad use in EMI–shielding, friction products, batteries, engineered plastics and rubber for the automotive industry. A market demand of 120 million lbs./yr. for these specialized applications have been identified. The company is seeking an investor or joint venture partner from the automotive or energy industries to scale up for product introduction in mid 1988.

Applied Sciences, Inc.
Max L. Lake, President
Cedarville OH 45314
Advanced dry sorbent systems for air pollution control applications
2//30 Very interesting
Chemistry systems on vermiculite substrate for duct injection and easy recovery.
1. “Fluesorbent” SO2 control for retrofit in older small plants. (EPRI tested at Ohio Edison) Byproduct is a licensed agric. soil amendment.
2. “Mercsorbent” Air Toxic control, duct injected works at low temp., is recoverable. Will demo at Ft. Dix. Need Coal fired demo site.
3. “JetSorb” NOx control. First application at jet engine test cells.

This is a new kind of company: a supplier of multiple advanced sorbent systems for air pollution control applications. Each of the firm’s technologies are waste-free, retrofitable, and either low in total cost or low in capital cost – quite a contrast to existing market offerings. Specifically targeted markets are: 1) SO2 control for older, smaller plants, where scrubbers are uneconomic; 2) NOx control for stationary and mobile diesels; and 3) mercury air-toxic control. With six issued and four pending U.S. patents, the company is now scaling up and demonstrating its systems in the field. It is seeking funds and strategic alliances with large and mid-sized engineering or air pollution control firms to assist in marketing and product introduction programs. (NOX & SOX)

Sorbent Technologies Corp.
Sid Nelson, VP
Twinsburg OH
Supersonic air jet and vacuum transport for safe excavations using supersonic air jet
2//31 Very interesting
Did prototype with EPRI. Can be operated remotely (robotic). Safe, productive, precise, safe, efficient, flexible. Won’t harm any impermeable surface. Can even dig around tree roots.

Our Safe Excavation technology employs a proprietary, synergistic combination of supersonic jets of air and pneumatic vacuum transport to uncover any type of buried object without fear of accident or inadvertent damage. Industrial market applications involve urban and suburban excavations for new installation or repair of telecommunication. electric, or gas utility lines. Commercial needs range from agriculture to environmental remediation and recovery of hazardous or radioactive waste. Military usee include retrieval of unexploded ordnance or removal of buried land mines. We have designed, built, and tested hand-held, portable, and backhoe sized prototype equipment for each of these market segments. Market forecasts for our larger equipment are approximately two thousand units in a mature market annually. We desire an investor or commercial partner to help us begin to manufacture and sell into these market segments. (T&D)

Concept Engineering Group Inc.
Richard D. Nathenson, President
Pittsburgh PA
Portable imaging nuclear survey meter
2//17 Interesting
Pre production units available for purchase. $75-100K each expensive but price is competitive and there is big savings in labor.

An established nuclear detector R&D and instrument manufacturing firm has developed an instrument that provides a picture of the distribution, intensity, and energy of gamma radiation sources. It is a self-contained system having two cameras, one for the nuclear image and one for the video. A black and white video image is produced with the nuclear image superimposed over it in color. The instrument addresses the $600 million nuclear radiation detection and monitoring market. The focus is on three major market segments that total $120 million: the nuclear industry, including nuclear power plants, nuclear material producers, and nonproliferation of nuclear weapons; the medical industry, including nuclear medicine and radiation oncology; radiation safety, including universities, industry, and hospitals. The firm is seeking a strategic alliance with a partner having an established marketing and distribution network. (NUCLEAR)

Radiation Monitoring Devices
Michael Squillante, VP Research
Watertown MA
Ground penetrating radar for underground imaging and site characterization

3//2 Interesting
Has significant utility contacts (see EPRI Journal 10/96 pg 38) Image processing needs to be faster. Digital wideband radar, airborne or truckmount, to 30 ft. depth, tie to GPS for 5 cm location accuracy. Plans for U/G Database Service.

A Silicon Valley high technology company has developed and demonstrated a patented Standoff Ground Penetrating Radar which can produce high resolution 3 dimensional images. A rapidly growing demand exists for underground site characterization and assessment for environmental, construction, utility, and defense customers for the location and classification of buried objects. The company projects sales in excess of $50 million per year by 2002 with an estimated growth of 15%-20% annually. Patented hardware, copyrighted software, and proprietary imaging algorithms insure significant market dominance. Equity investment is sought along with strategic alliances to accelerate product launch and early market penetration. (T&D)

Mirage Systems Inc.
Robert Ziernicki, President
Sunnyvale CA
Removal and recovery of mercury found in flue gases
3//10 Interesting
New subsidiary, Mercu-RE Inc., formed to pursue Mercury removal.

ADA is a engineering consulting service firm specializing in troubleshooting and analysis of emisssion control systems.
This company offers a process that takes mercury out of flue gases and recovers it as liquid elemental mercury suitable for commercial recycling and produces no secondary wastes. A regenerable sorbent (patent pending) is at the heart of the process. Available alternatives, such as activated carbon, are expensive and produce mercury-contaminated solid or liquid wastes. The parent company has over ten years of experience in air pollution control technology and offers units to DOE site clean-up efforts planned for Oak Ridge and other former weapon-making facilities. The firm is looking for a marketing, sales, and distribution partner with access to key markets, such as commercial and municipal waste incinerators. The ideal partner would also have knowledge of process engineering equipment. The technology would be a valuable asset to the portfolio of a partner with existing interests in air pollution control equipment and services. Sales over $10 million per year can be realized as a result of the hundreds of incinerators that are subject to mercury emission regulations, leading potentially to even larger markets in coal-fired power plants. (FOSSIL, ENVIRONMENT)

ADA Technologies
Daryl L. Roberts, Vice President
Englewood CO 80112
Integrated sensors for air quality and safety monitoring
3//15 Interesting
Low cost, mass-produceable planar thick film membrane, for application in indoor air quality. Stable over long time. Parent company Giner is specialty R&D company in electrochemistry and materials science–PEM, O2 generators, sensors, etc.

The company, a spin-off of an electrochemical and materials research firm, is targeting the annual $20 million U.S. indoor air quality and safety monitoring market. A unique patent-pending sensor design enables a manufacturing process for mass-production of high-quality, low-cost electro-chemical gas sensors. Manufacturing costs can be reduced to one-tenth of current costs. In addition, the new design will allow integration of sensors for simultaneous monitoring of combinations of gasses, such as CO, CO2, NO, NO2, and SO2, with sensitivities in the low-ppm range. Separate smoke detector and air quality monitor functions can now be combined into one new instrument to serve the target market. The company is seeking an investment for manufacturing set-up, and possibly a strategic alliance for distribution and marketing capability. (END USE)

Giner, Inc.
Anthony LaConti, President
14 Spring Street
Waltham MA 02154
Lumber utilizing a low-cost industrial by-product feedstock (incl. flyash)
3//26 Very interesting
Patented resin binder systems, can use multiple feedstocks including flyash. Fire resistant due to hi mineral content and closed cell structure. Process is exothermic. Product is moldable into shapes (e.g. moldings).

This innovative firm has developed a multi-patented cost competitive composite decking material. Ecodeck is non-warping, wood grained, moisture and insect resistant, and paintable. It can be cut and assembled with conventional tools and is produced with commercially available machinery. Ecodeck lumber utilizes a low cost industrial by-product feedstock and is cost competitive in the $580MM market for select grades of pressure treated southern yellow pine. The company is seeking strategic partners in the electrical utility and building materials industries and venture capital for remaining development and manufacturing scale up. (FOSSIL)

Ecomat, Inc.
John Mushovic, Exec. VP
Poughkeepsie NY
Thermoelectric modules for power generation and waste heat recovery

3//4 Interesting
Driving down mfg. cost of traditional 5-6% thermoelectric devices. Wide range of applications. Have prototype alternator replacement for diesel trucks.

Thermoelectric power generators for converting waste heat into electricity are available for U.S./overseas markets which range up to $1B. Cost-effective modules (one third competitors’ price) can be utilized for a broad spectrum of products: self-powered furnaces, engine alternator replacements, remote power and power generation for urban incinerators. Fourteen and twenty watt modules are in limited production. These modules can be used individually or in multikilowatt generators. A two Watt generator is planned that can outperform chemical batteries. We are seeking strategic partners and venture capital for scale up of manufacturing and rapid market penetration. (DU)

Hi-Z Technology, Inc.
Norbert Elsner, President
San Diego CA
Microprocessor technologies for the purpose of power monitoring
3//18 Interesting
Unique current sensor replaces conventional CTs. One fourth the size. No need to disconnect wire to install it. They have not explored any possible T&D grid applications.

This privately held company has developed products which combine unique and patented current sensors with custom developed VLSI and microprocessor technologies for the purpose of power monitoring. The products are based on more than 10 years of R& D, production and direct marketing experience. These technologies will provide a company with a competitive lead by reducing size, cost and installation time 50+%. Additional high-margin products, in design, will effectively and efficiently instrument commercial buildings, industrial processes and homes.. Of the overall USA Electrical Measuring Instrument Market (SIC 3825, $8+ Billion), the company is focused on market niches that total $130 million. These markets include Energy Service Company applications, commercial tenant submetering, industrial equipment monitoring and control and Utility Demand Side Management, Load Research, Time Of Day metering and Customer Service applications. The company seeks partners who bring established distribution channels and capital for production and marketing. (END USE)

Energy Teller, Inc.
Tim Michels, President
2718 Sutton Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63143
Hazardous and radioactive waste treatment
3//23 Interesting —
“DeTox” wet oxidation to destroy organic compouns at low temperature. Difficult to judge — one of many contenders in this field.

With eleven years of operating history, patents issued in the U.S. and seven major industrial countries, and a full-scale demonstration project funded by the Department of Energy, this innovative and dynamic corporation has established its wet chemical oxidation technology at the forefront of hazardous and radioactive waste treatment options for government and industrial markets. The total U.S. environmental market is $165.5 billion. Our company is focusing on the market segments of hazardous waste management, remediation and industrial services, and process and prevention technology development which together comprise a $4.2 billion market. Established and potential customers find the advantages of transportability for on-site treatment, alternative permitting options, safe (low temperature and low pressure) operating conditions, broad ranged applications, and benign secondary wastes to be significant improvements over incineration and other alternative waste treatment technologies. Partnership with a leading environmental management firm is sought for $1 million equity participation, $3 million project financing for an existing customer, and marketing and sales assistance in implementing the commercialization plan involving the sale of plants and services. (ENVIRONMENT)

Delphi Research, Inc.
Terry W. Rogers, President
Albuquerque, NM
Breakthrough material to remove radionuclides, metals, and organics from contaminated waters
3//39 Interesting
Humasorb, made from coal, simultaneously captures both metals and organics. Can be used as a liquid or solid filter. Could handle coal pile run off. Co. a spinoff from Atlantic Research Corp in 1987.

A unique material has been developed for the single-step removal of radionuclides, metals, and organics from contaminated waters. This versatile new material replaces traditional sequential processing approaches making it cost-effective as a permeable barrier to remove and capture plume contaminants and for surface treatment operations. Applications are targeted at the water pollution prevention and remediation markets estimated to exceed $600 million per year. Technology to produce the new material is protected by pending patents and trade secrets gained over a 5-year period of development by a company that has a successful record of commercializing new technologies. Investors and strategic alliances are sought to support the commercialization of the material on a site-specific or application basis. (NUCLEAR, FOSSIL, ENVIRONMENT)

Harry R. Johnson, Technical Director
Chantilly VA 20151
Large-scale advanced vitrification technologies for site remediation and waste treatment
Subsidiary of Battelle is commercializing this DOE technology. Tested and licensed. Clear focus on markets, and good grasp of who competitors are.

This international Company holds an exclusive worldwide IP position in the field of large-scale advanced vitrification technologies for site remediation and waste treatment. The Company has over $20 million in current backlog, is profitable, has worldwide growth opportunities, and it’s proven technologies possess excellent regulatory and public acceptance. The Company plans to acquire more than $50 million of sales from the DOE environmental restoration marketplace within the next three years. The Company seeks a strategic partner, that is established or entering the DOE ER/WM marketplace, to augment its operations and marketing capabilities as needed to secure large ($20 to 100 million) waste remediation and treatment projects within the DOE, other government, and private remediation markets. Benefits to the partner include increased market potential, a strong vitrification technology base, and strategic access to the Company’s parent, which is a leading environmental technology company. The Company poses an attractive opportunity for $8 million of second stage equity investment followed by an IPO for support of further growth. (NUCLEAR, ENVIRONMENT)

Geosafe Corp
James E Hanson, Vice President
Richland WA
Solid-Gas sorption refrigeration, consumer products
5//19 (Not presented — “Already found financing or strategic arrangments”)

The company is a thermal product development firm with an excellent reputation in the commercial HVAC&R industry. It is seeking an equity investment to launch the OEM manufacture of small packaged refrigeration and heat battery modules for already existing and future appliance manufacturing customers. The technology is based on a sorption process which provides refrigeration without moving parts and yields unmatched rechargeable thermal battery energy densities. The market applications include consumer products, medical and automotive appliances. The initial focus is on small refrigerators/freezers and an automotive application with existing customers. Anticipated fourth year OEM sales volume is $25,000,000. (END USE)

Rocky Research
Dr. Uwe Rockenfeller
1598 Foothill Dr.
Boulder City NV 89006
Continuous removal of coatings for aircraft, bridge & environmental applications
5//20 Interesting.
Unique capability to remove paints and coatings with one step process, quickly and less expensively. Can even remove one layer at a time!

Very broad applicability. Company focusing on airplane depainting, so opportunity to pick up on other fields of use.
A small business that develops commercial applications of laser-based systems is seeking an equity investment to commercialize their proven technology for removal of coatings from various kinds of surfaces for multiple applications in the commercial marketplace. This technology uses lasers and robotics to provide the most efficient, environmentally-sensitive and cost-effective process for removing paint from aircraft, bridges, and radioactively-contaminated facilities. The annual target market for these applications is $4.5 billion. By year 4, the projected sales for these applications are estimated to be $70 million.

F2 Associates, Inc.
Joyce Freiwald, President
14800 Central SE
Albequrque, NM 87123
A system for recycling acids used for metal surface preparation
Interesting (?) Hard to judge

The Pickliq process is a patented system for recycling acids used for surface preparation in the metals processing industries. The process produces salable solid metal salts as by-products. The company employs highly experienced people that have an investment stake. The people work with Engineering and Construction firms and their clients to implement the process. The firm qualifies and supervises sub-contractors who construct the skid mounted units of the system. Data to date indicate a $15 – 20 million/yr market for the system after year four is possible. Further process development is funded by the US DOE through an ERIP grant. The company is obtaining working capital from small investors. It is looking for alliances with Engineering and Construction firms with clients in the steel and wire industry to exploit domestic and international markets. (ENVIRONMENT)

Green Technology Group
Douglas Olsen
Pawling NY
Position sensors in and around underground storage tanks, buried pipelines and below buildings.
5//36 Interesting

The Steerable Vibratory System (SVS) is the only way to accurately position sensors in and around underground storage tanks, buried pipelines and below buildings. The SVS is made up of a lightweight rig, a steerable tip, the patented navigational system and penetrometer rods with unique joints. It is not affected by magnetic anomolies and will not bring contaminated cuttings to the surface or contaminate other layers. The more accurate delineation of plumes will save money in clean-up. The firm has worked closely with customers in the underground industry for over 15 years. Our market includes Superfund sites and underground storage tanks (>295,000). The company will manufacture the SVS and seeks licensees with established distribution networks for marketing and sales. (ENVIRONMENT)

UTD Incorporated
Barney Harris, Vice President
Newington VA 22122
Treatment of radioactive, hazardous and mixed waste
5//14 (Not presented — “Already found financing or strategic arrangments”)

This environmental technology company has developed and commercialized its patented steam reforming technology in the paper industry. The company is now expanding by applying its unique non-incineration technology to the treatment, volume reduction, and disposal of radioactive, hazardous and mixed radioactive/hazardous wastes. Tests are underway in a1 ton per day facility demonstrating the destruction of hazardous compounds (greater than 99.99%) and the isolation of radionuclides in an environmentally superior final waste form. This is opening the door to the burgeoning DOE market, commercial ion exchange resin market, and industrial hazardous waste market. The company is seeking a joint venture arrangement with a strategic ally/investor to commercialize the technology in these new applications. The combined potential market exceeds $350 million per year. (NUCLEAR, ENVIRONMENT)

ThermoChem, Inc.
Gary Voelker, COO
10220-H Columbia Rd
Columbia MD 21046
Multimedia training in technical subjects
Company combines expertise in both instructional material preparation and technology. Not particularly different from other suppliers.

This company creates multimedia training packages in scientific and engineering disciplines for use within the DOE complex, by accelerator manufacturers, and in higher education. Its unique combination of scientific expertise, software skills, and the needs of the DOE complex makes it the vendor of choice for training for environmental cleanup and production of special materials, such as tritium. Multimedia training rapidly raises the level of competency and quality of technicians and engineers, leading to a more effective work force. For example, a tutorial in development on accelerator physics can serve as a basis for specialized training programs in companies manufacturing accelerators for industrial and medical applications. Opportunities for a publisher include marketing as a standalone software piece, bundling with a textbook, and teaming to develop new educational tools.

WhistleSoft, Inc
Richard R. Silbar, President
Los Alamos NM
Electrical energy storage/ hydrogen production
5//35 Interesting, but doubtful
This uses a solar heated furnace to drive water+ Br –> HBr reaction, and electrochemical cell using the reversible H + Br <–> HBr reaction to store and release electrical energy. Provides on peak electicity and H2 for sale. Have strong DOE support.

From 03-14-96 The Financial Times:
“Solar Reactor Technologies has entered into a $2.5m (#1.6m) co- operative agreement with the US Department of Energy for its system for producing renewable hydrogen and combined electrical storage. Hydrogen is generated by means of solar energy concentrated onto bromine and water which forms hydrogen bromide and oxygen. The former is then split at night using low cost off-peak electricity in an electrochemical cell to produce hydrogen, and regenerate the bromine. The end result is that water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, but using one third of the electricity required for conventional water electrolysis.

By storing extra hydrogen and bromine and recombining these in the cell, electricity is generated. This in effect permits the storage of off-peak power for use at any time. The system is potentially very attractive to large electrical consumers. However, the economic generation of hydrogen would also be very significant for vehicle companies looking to the longer- term future. BMW has been experimenting with hydrogen fuelled vehicles since the late 1970s while Mercedes is one of a number of companies which is taking the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles very seriously.”

This company is focused on the development and commercialization of renewable energy technologies. One of these is a patented solar-electrochemical system which links utility scale electrical energy storage with the production of hydrogen and oxygen from water. The system will provide peak electrical power and hydrogen with no greenhouse emissions. The process is competitive with existing combustion technologies. Sales potential for the electrical energy storage market in the U.S. is estimated at $100 -$200 million per year. To fund its commercialization program, the company is seeking a relationship with an investor and/or strategic partner. (DU)

Solar Reactor Technologies, Inc.
Harley L. Heaton, Vice President
3250 Mary Street, #407
Miami FL 33133
Remote power generation, residential cogeneration and cryogenic cooling products
5//42 (Not presented — “Already found financing or strategic arrangments”)

Two distinct lines of products, using the same basic technology, have been developed by this eleven year old company. The RG-350TM uses heat from any source to produce electricity for the remote power market (estimated at $30 million annually) while the RG-1000TM will use propane/natural gas to create combined heat and power for the residential cogeneration market (independently assessed to exceed $1 billion annually in ten years). Additional advantages derived from these products include higher fuel efficiency and reliability with lower maintenance, noise, and emissions than any existing products. The company is also manufacturing its BeCOOLTM cryocoolers for use in the computer, superconductivity and sensor cooling markets. Teaming partners are being sought for marketing, distribution and new product development while investor funding will be used for pre-production and manufacturing activities. (DU)

Stirling Technology Co.
Mr. Jeffrey Lubeck, Controller
4208 W Clearwater Ave
Kennewick WA 99336-2626
Low-cost fiber optic chemical sensors–Smart Cable ™ detects leaks along long distance pipelines
6//13 (did not consider)

This company is dedicated to developing and licensing low-cost fiber optic chemical sensors for environmental monitoring and medical diagnostics.The first generation, developed for the detection and discrimination of water and hydrocarbons, is elegant in its simplicity and has been field tested by an independent third party. The corporation has already produced sales of related environmental products. These revolutionary, patented sensors provide continuous monitoring for environmental contamination at very competitive costs. Installed in fuel tanks, pipelines, and landfills, sensor networks provide realtime indications of contaminants and leaks over large and remote geographic areas. Additionally, sensors are being adapted for use in hospitals and medical laboratories to detect the presence of specific biochemicals in bodily fluids. This corporation seeks licensees with strong presence in environmental remediation and potential licensees which will fund continued development of the sensor family in exchange for exclusive licensing rights. (ENVIRONMENT, T&D)

Noverflo, Inc.
Dr. Joe Hopenfeld
Rockville MD
Wireless identification (RFID) tagging for asset management
6//37 Interesting
May have applications in asset tracking, remote metering.

The company has developed an exciting wireless technology, called RFID, derived from R&D grants by the Department of Energy. This technology has enormous commercial potential for applications such as asset management and transportation operations. The company chairs the ANSI technical sub-committee for RFID standards. Multiple patent and trademark applications have been filed. The product currently is in beta testing at DOE’s Savannah River site and is ready for use in all DOE sites. A trucking demonstration system is on display at Andersen Consulting’s transportation center in Atlanta. The management team, with over 35 years of RF, business, and finance experience, is poised to aggressively penetrate the current $250,000,000 market for RFID equipment, growing at an annual rate of 25%. The company is forming alliances with major corporations to accelerate growth and is seeking equity investment of $1,000,000 to support that growth. Various exit strategies will be entertained for equity investors including acquisition or IPO.

Alan C. Hurkamp, Chariman
Fairfax VA 22030
Thermophotovoltaic (TPV) generation of electricity from flame heat
6//41 Interesting
TPV device with their own patented emitter and cells. Original technology licensed from Boeing. Claim ing advantage over competitors. “Mini-cogen” – devices at 2, 50, and 150 watt elec –“wall heater” Their approach to the market is arguable.

Using its infrared-sensitive photovoltaic cells coupled with a fuel-fired emitter, this company fabricates Midnight Sun® cogenerators of electricity and heat. These cost-effective units feature quiet, reliable, efficient, and clean operation. With a strong patent position, military contracts, and an operating cell manufacturing facility, the company is positioned to capture a large share of the emerging market for remote and mobile cogeneration. Homes off the electric grid are targeted first, with a five year plan to take the company public and enter the much broader on-grid residential market. Investors are sought to rapidly scale up manufacturing capabilities; of particular interest are utilities pursuing growth in unregulated operations and furnace manufacturers considering self-powered heating systems. (DU)

JX Crystals, Inc.
Dr. Lewis M. Fraas, President
Issaquah, WA 98027
Metal coated fine powders
POWDERMET is a new spinoff that will be doing this work. ULTRAMET is the established company.

Ni and Co coatings on nanograin tungsten carbide, using “fast fluid bed chemical vapor deposition”
The company is a commercial spin-off of an established medical and aerospace materials firm. We are seeking an equity partner to launch the large scale manufacture and marketing of metal coated powders for the ordinance, tool, and die markets. Metal coated sub micron powders represent a revolutionary advancement in powder metallurgy, enabling a 30-50% increase in cemented carbide and tungsten alloy performance at equal or lower cost to current products. This investment partnership opportunity will leverage over $1 million in signed, development contracts to achieve projected revenues of $20 million in a $120M market within 5 years. This breakthrough patent pending technology is currently operational in the pilot plant stage. All proprietary rights, developmental, and pilot plant equipment has been negotiated for assignment to the company.

Andrew Sherman, Marketing Mgr.
12173 Montague St
Pacoima CA 91331
Fiber optic sensing
8//7 (did not consider)

This company has developed and demonstrated proprietary technologies encompassing components and system building blocks enabling production of low cost interferometric fiber optic sensors. The technology is applicable to inertial, intrusion, vibration, acceleration, acoustic, strain and electro-magnetic sensing in formats of single element, multi-channel distributed, and remote configurations. The company seeks an equity investment from a partner to spin off a business for the purpose of producing components and instruments based on the proprietary technologies and marketing them to sensor manufacturers in their respective fields. Expected sales for these ground breaking products will exceed $10 million per year by year 5.

Optiphase, Inc.
Jeff Bush, President
Van Nuys CA
Direct Load Control switches for plug connected appliances
Plug connected “smart” switch, remote controlled via one-way radio. Device stores data on operating history. (Hopelessly naive and out of date DSM device)

Manufacturers of electric utility load management controls will find this exclusive licensing opportunity of unique value. The Company has patented and field tested a microprocessor-based electric Direct Load Control (DLC) switch for plug connected appliances. The switch is designed to improve residential DLC program effectiveness; and economically collect comprehensive market intelligence on end-use appliance operation. The Company is looking to form a strategic alliance with a manufacturer interested in increased market share through the development of a “family” of DLC and home automation related products which complement the licensee’s current product line. The licensee’s product development costs would be reduced through follow-on licensing agreements with the Company.

Automated Energy Management Systems
Frank Rudden
E. Northport NY
Open-path atmospheric pollution monitor, detection of hazardous air pollutants
8//33 (did not consider)

The open-path atmospheric pollution monitor being developed for DOE integrates a CO2 laser and an acousto-optic tunable filter into a single instrument which measures pollutant concentrations in the optical path to any topological object. The range is over 4 times longer than existing monitors, thereby eliminating the need for multiple monitors and reducing costs. The estimated environmental and process control market is over $100 million within 5 years with the potential for ~$400M for military applications. A large defense contractor seeks to license a company to commercialize this monitor. The licensee will have exclusive use of the basic patent and unlimited access to the filter for which the contractor is the only supplier in the world. (ENVIRONMENT)

Northrop Grumman STC
Dr. Lyle H. Taylor, Fellow Scientist
Pittsburgh, PA
Pyridines from kerogen oil
9//34 (did not consider)

Kerogen oil, derived from Western Green River oil shale, is rich in pyridines (~20% of the raw oil). These pyridines can be produced and refined at costs substantially lower than current manufacturing costs for synthesis routes. A strategic partner and project financing are sought to develop a Kerogen Products Extraction (KPX) venture which will annually produce 25,000 tons of pyridine products and 300,000 tons of petroleum products. Annual revenues are projected at $150 million yielding more than 30% internal rate of return on an investment of $75 million. Pre commercial milestones will be achieved through an existing DOE contract and phased project financing. Product development opportunities in higher alkyl pyridines, pyrroles, indoles, phenols and quinolines offer additional long-term growth potential.

James W Bunger & Assoc. Inc.
West Valley City, UT 84119
Electromagnetic Sensors For Chemical Analysis
9//38 (did not consider)

A well established research laboratory is forming a subsidiary company to manufacture and market proprietary sensors for continuous chemical analysis. This innovative technology utilizes eddy current properties in an advanced electromagnetic sensor to identify chemical constituents. Advantages of this patented approach include exceptional resistance to fouling, low system cost, high sensitivity, compatibility with digital integrated circuitry, and high selectivity. The newly formed company will acquire all of the intellectual property and over 14 years of related experience. Equity or strategic partners are sought to participate in launching the new product line. Potential instrumentation markets for the sensor include process control, environmental monitoring, and biotechnology. The measurement of wastewater pH alone is anticipated to be a $100 million market by the year 2000 and should conservatively generate $10 million dollars revenue.

American Research Corp of Virginia
Howard J. Moses, Director, Business Development
Radford VA 24143-3406
A compact, high-yield, HGA synchrotron X-ray lithography source
10//1 (did not consider)

The mission of this company is to become a leading supplier of high-intensity synchrotron x-ray source machines for lithography of Giga-bit class memory chips with resolution at or below 0.18 micron to meet the emerging global demand. The product makes use of a compact electron injector based on a high–gradient accelerator (HGA) combined with a superconducting synchrotron radiation ring, resulting in increased resolution, lower capital cost, lower production cost per chip, and lower cost of ownership. The company seeks $10 million from joint venture partners and investors for the completion of the first machine to be sold in 1999.

DULY Research
Rancho Palo Verdes CA
Portable fiber optic phase fluorometer
10//6 (did not consider)

This company, a leader in cutting-edge optics, optoelectronics and monitoring instrumentation technologies, has developed the only portable fiber optic phase fluorometer (FOPhase) instrument available in the market. This patent protected technology addresses the environmental safety ($50 million), process control ($100 million), R&D ($50 million), and medical markets ($200 million), for fluorescence detection monitoring. Owing to the high market demand for a low cost fluorescence lifetime spectrometer in various market segments, the company is searching for a strategic partner to market and distribute the FOPhase Technology. The sales forecast for 2000 is $26 million or 6.5% of the total market.

Physics Optics Corp
Torrance CA 90501
Interdisciplinary science education software
10//8 (did not consider)

Our firm will become the premier source of interdisciplinary science education software. We seek a partnership with a forward looking company in the communication, hardware or software industry that wishes to raise the level of scientific preparedness of the next generation of students and increase the use of computer and communication technology. Our partner will manage the distribution of our product line to expedite market penetration of our first product ready for introduction in January 1997. Over the next two years we will introduce a series of products utilizing CD-ROM and Internet data sets. Titles include: El Niño, Ozone and Monsoon, and are designed to teach Science from grade 6 to college level. Our series is a set of virtual research expeditions in which students use satellite observations of the Earth and data from climate models to study the Earth as a system of interacting components. It brings science alive.

Plant Earth Science
Dr Catherine Gautier-Downes
Santa Barbara CA
Interactive display software for hospitality industry
10//9 (did not consider)

This Company is developing interactive display software that provides electronic guest services for the national and international hospitality industry. These proprietary technologies allow hotels to integrate this software into their front desk operations, reducing overhead, increasing productivity, and enhancing guest services. Notable electronic services include express check-in/out, account transactions, services and events locators, interactive maps, and business services. The total available market for this kiosk technology is $2.8 billion. The high-end hotel market, the primary focus of this business plan, is $1.2 billion. This Company is seeking equity financing and a strategic partner for development, manufacturing and distribution.

Scientific Digital Visions, Inc.
San Jose CA
De-contaminating concrete; in-situ cleanup of soil
10//12 (did not consider)

This company is forming a spin-off to commercialize novel patented electrokinetic technologies developed under DOE funding. We plan to license to major site management contractors who are involved in remediation of DOE sites. This will be a good opportunity for entry into a sizable industrial market as well. This technology provides the only available approach to an in-situ cleanup of soil contaminated with heavy metals. It also provides a cost-effective technique for decontaminating concrete. The industrial opportunity is extensive in that it applies to the many entities which must deal with aqueous waste streams. The company is receptive to developing a creative package that recognizes investor’s risk and provides for exit when performance objectives are met. (ENVIRONMENT)

New Orleans LA
Computer mapping software for petroleum industry
10//22 (did not consider)

The company develops advanced technologies to assist the petroleum industry with exploration and production (E&P) problems. Their product, Gviz, is state-of-the-art computer mapping software, coded in C++, that interpolates spatial data to estimate interwell reservoir properties. E&P professionals purchase $48 million annually in mapping software. This company maintains proprietary expertise, keeping them ahead of the market with improvements to their software. They plan a series of releases leading to an integrated reservoir management package in five years. The company seeks an alliance with an oilfield E&P software vendor who can bring financial resources, marketing, and distributing expertise to our commercialization effort. In return the strategic ally will receive exclusive right to the product.

Correlations Co.
William Weiss, President
Socorro NM
Advanced quantum chemistry software package
10//32 (did not consider)

This company has developed an advanced quantum chemistry software package allowing industrial, government and academic researchers in the chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and materials sciences, among others, to address far larger molecular structures and complete calculations faster on smaller molecular structures than is currently possible. This innovative package will afford users significantly reduced run times and lower processing and manpower costs. The market size for sophisticated molecular modeling software is estimated at $58 million with the quantum chemistry software niche occupying $8 million and an annual market growth rate of 8%. The company seeks an equity investment for commercialization, marketing and sales operations.

Q-Chem, Inc.
Benny Johnson, President
Pittsburgh PA 15218

HYSTOR-Nickel Hydrogen Battery

Subject: UFTO Note — HYSTOR-Nickel Hydrogen Battery
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 13:13:19 -0700
From: Ed Beardsworth
| * UFTO * Edward Beardsworth * Consultant
| 951 Lincoln Ave. tel 415-328-5670
| Palo Alto CA 94301-3041 fax 415-328-5675
This press release came out today. They’re making good progress in the EV field, but my own view is that they could be terrifically valuable in stationary applications.

UFTO first mentioned Ergenics in December 1995, repeated in “DU 1.0”.

Ergenics Demonstrates Advanced Electric Vehicle Battery

RINGWOOD, N.J., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ via Individual Inc. — Ergenics announced today that it has achieved a major milestone in its rechargeable battery development program with the demonstration of its first Hy-Stor(TM) multi-cell bipolar advanced battery for electric vehicles. The outstanding performance of the Hy-Stor battery is made possible by coupling the established know-how of high energy storage density of metal hydrides with the unmatched high cycle life capabilities of nickel-hydrogen batteries, which have been used successfully in orbiting satellites for over two decades.

The Hy-Stor battery offers safety, performance and economic advantages over lead-acid, nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. Ergenics is initially targeting its application to the market for electric and hybrid electric vehicles, where it provides much longer cycle life, much greater range between charge cycles, a greater temperature range of operation and substantial cost efficiencies.

Unlike space batteries, which store their required hydrogen in pressurized containers, the Hy-Stor battery stores its hydrogen, in even higher densities, in a chemical bond with powdered metal at ambient temperatures and ambient, or slightly lower, pressures, thereby eliminating the safety hazards associated with highly pressurized gas tanks, etc. Furthermore, the manufacture of the Hy-Stor battery is a very “clean” process, as is its subsequent operation. Since it involves no heavy metals or toxic substances, it is environmentally friendly.

The Hy-Stor battery will provide an electric vehicle with more than double than the range between recharges of currently available lead acid batteries and 20% greater range than nickel metal hydride batteries, at equivalent levels of acceleration performance. At the same time, the Hy-Stor battery will retain its stored energy when not in use, i.e., it will not “self discharge” as happens with other types of batteries when idle, and will last far longer, longer than the average life of an automobile today, due to its extraordinarily high cycle life. Hence, its overall economics should prove most compelling.

Ergenics, believes that, eventually, the hybrid electric vehicle will prove to be the most popular and, indeed, effective means of achieving energy saving and pollution control objectives. It will have a base load, highly efficient internal combustion engine, and use a battery for purposes of acceleration and to store power from regenerative braking. In that case, the Hy-Stor battery should prove an ideal application with its life of 2,000 cycles at 100% discharge, 100,000 cycles at 15% discharge and high power pulse capacity.

Ergenics’ Vice President for Research & Development, Mark Golben, comments, “This milestone is the final step leading us to fabrication of a full size electric vehicle battery.” With cutting edge innovative technology, Ergenics has been granted over 25 U.S. patents and corresponding foreign patents. Privately owned, Ergenics, Inc., with its headquarters and principal manufacturing operation in northern New Jersey, is a world leader in the development and commercialization of metal hydride technology.
CONTACT: Philip A. Burghart, Senior Vice President, Ergenics, Inc.
201-962-4480, or fax, 201-962-4325

Room Temp Superconductor Wire

Subject: UFTO Note — Room Temp Superconductor Wire
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 12:46:46 -0700
From: Ed Beardsworth <edbeards@batnet.com>
| * UFTO * Edward Beardsworth * Consultant
| 951 Lincoln Ave. tel 415-328-5670
| Palo Alto CA 94301-3041 fax 415-328-5675

ROOTS, Inc. — Room Temp Superconductors (again)

References: previous UFTO notes about this company:
Aug 27, 1996 Private placement offering memo
May 23, 1996 Update on progress
March 1995 First UFTO report

The credibility of this story appears to be increasing substantially.

ROOTS Inc. has established the presence of very high conductivity in certain classes of polypropylene polymer films, and is actively developing applications for the film, while also working on making wire. The materials exhibit near zero resistivity, several orders of magnitude less than copper, from -450 to +390 degrees F.

ROOTS has completed a phase 1 SBIR with the Air Force, and began a Phase 2 contract in May.

Dr. James L. Smith, Chief Scientist at the Superconductivity Center at Los Alamos National Lab, has recently joined their Scientific Advisory Group, and has clearly indicated that he takes their work very seriously.

The company now has prepared a detailed development plan to build “ultraconductor” wire, one kilometer long, and they recently submitted a proposal for an NIST/ATP grant for $2 million.

This new plan provides the clearest picture of what is happening, including a readable outline of the theory. A copy can be obtained from ROOTS under a non-disclosure agreement.
Contact Mark Goldes, ROOTS, Sebastopol, CA, 707-829-9391.

DOE Public Meetings on Restructuring

Subject: DOE Public Meetings on Restructuring
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 09:21:58 -0700
From: Ed Beardsworth

| *** UFTO *** Edward Beardsworth * Consultant |
| 951 Lincoln Ave. tel 415-328-5670 |
| Palo Alto CA 94301-3041 fax 415-328-5675 |

Your company may have received mailings about one or more of these four public input meetings. I just noticed a press release from PSE&G last week reporting their CEO’s comments to the first meeting in New Jersey, and contacted DOE Office of Policy. The focus is LEGISLATION in connection with electric utility industry restructuring.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DOE Press Releases R-96-144 September 27, 1996

DOE Sets Electricity Restructuring Meetings

First Two Regional Sessions Planned in New Jersey, New Mexico;
Public Input to Help Department Craft Restructuring Legislation

Input from four public meetings across the country will help the Department of Energy formulate electricity restructuring legislation that the Clinton Administration plans to submit to Congress next year.

“Many difficult issues must be addressed as we build a foundation for the new U.S. electricity industry,” said U.S. Energy Secretary Hazel R. O’Leary, who will lead the first two meetings. “Public involvement will help ensure that the transition to electricity competition strengthens our nation’s economy, protects the environment and improves the quality of life for all Americans.”

To encourage public discussion on a wide range of restructuring issues, each meeting will focus on different topics. However, regional and local participants at each of the meetings can examine other topics related to electric industry restructuring. Dates, locations and times are:

Oct. 10 New Brunswick, N.J., area 1:30-5:00 p.m.
location to be announced
Focus: public purpose programs and issues, with particular emphasis on environmental protection, consumer interests, low-income assistance, retail choice and renewable energy.

Oct. 22 Sante Fe, N.M. 3:00-6:00 p.m
Sweeney Convention Center
Focus: jurisdiction and rate regulation, with particular emphasis on stranded cost recovery, retail choice and state/federal jurisdiction. This session will follow the DOE/National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners meeting in Sante Fe.

Two more regional meetings will be held in mid-November.

(CHICAGO) One will explore issues related to reliability and producers, with particular emphasis on reform of the Public Utility Holding Company Act, regulation of affiliate transactions, retail and wholesale competition in regional markets, competition-related functions of independent transmission system operators and bulk power system reliability.

The final meeting (ATLANTA) will provide an opportunity to revisit the full set of issues involved in electricity industry restructuring.

Questions about these meetings can be directed to an information hotline, 423/576-3610.

O’Leary and CEOs meeting re Reliability

Subject: UFTO Note – O’Leary and CEOs meeting re Reliability
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 12:04:53 -0700

On September 7, during the EEI CEO Meeting in Chicago, there was an invitation only luncheon of DOE Secretary Hazel O’Leary and a number of utility industry CEOs. EPRI was present as well. The issue was reliability of the power system, and unconfirmed reports are that basically the message was “you fix it, or DOE will”. (Echoes of 1965?)

Nothing has appeared in the press that I’ve seen, and DOE (Office of Policy) has nothing in writing to offer yet. Apparently, DOE is considering a proposal to create a new task force under the SEAB (Strategic Energy Advisory Board).

| Edward Beardsworth * Consultant |
| 951 Lincoln Ave. tel 415-328-5670 |
| Palo Alto CA 94301-3041 fax 415-328-5675 |

EPRI ISO Project

Subject: UFTO Note — EPRI ISO Project
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 19:46:24 -0700
From: Ed Beardsworth

RP8501-02 “Transmission Dispatch and Congestion Mgt. System” Basically to write spec for computer applications an ISO will need for scheduling, dispatch, costing, etc.

I’d mentioned this project in passing to Graham Siegel the other day, and got more details about it today. The Draft Final Report is due in to project manager Ali Vojdani in a week or two. I don’t know when it will be published. (Please don’t call Ali and tell him I told you!)

Funded by core, so apparently any epri member can have it.

Bernie Pasternak, AEP, was rep on utility advisory committee from Midwest ISO. All regions were represented.

| Edward Beardsworth * Consultant |
| 951 Lincoln Ave. tel 415-328-5670 |
| Palo Alto CA 94301-3041 fax 415-328-5675 |