Neal Dikeman

I am a partner in Jane Capital Partners LLC, a merchant and investment banking firm focused on energy & environmental technology. I work with start-ups on their technology commercializations, as well as multi-nationals who want to acquire or invest in the industry. I am from Houston, Texas originally, began my career in investment banking in the oil industry, but have a soft spot for technologies that can change the way we power our lives and the effect we have on the environment. See articles by Neal Dikeman.

John Addison

John Addison is the author of the new book – Save Gas, Save the Planet – which covers new vehicle trends and the future of transportation. Every day, more people are riding clean, riding less, and riding together. The book details the transition to Car 2.0 and Transportation 2.0 including electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen vehicles, turbodiesels, public transportation, and people-oriented development. John Addison publishes the Clean Fleet Report which contains over 100 original articles and reports about new vehicles, new fuels, and how major fleets are leading in the implementation of new technology, Car 2.0, and multi-modal transportation. John Addison is a popular speaker who has conducted over 1,000 workshops in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. His speeches have been hosted at conferences including the Renewable Energy Finance & Investment Summit, Fuel Cell 2008, the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, the American Society of Training and Development, and Earth Day at the San Jose Museum of Science. See articles by John Addison.

Richard T. Stuebi

Richard T. Stuebi is a founding principal of NorTech Energy Enterprise, the advanced energy initiative at NorTech, where he is on loan fromThe Cleveland Foundation as its Fellow of Energy and Environmental Advancement. He is also a Managing Director in charge of cleantech investment activities at Early Stage Partners, a Cleveland-based venture capital firm. See articles by Richard T. Stuebi.