Core Team members have been involved in well over 100 technology startups in energy, cleantech, and environmental as founder, executive, advisor, consultant or board member.

Neal M. Dikeman

Nonexec Chairman and Founder

Neal founded and is one of the most cited and prolific writers on cleantech and energy technology.  He served as chief blogger of, named a 50 Best Business Blog by the London Times, was the anchor blogger on Greentech for and, and has been a guest contributor to numerous new and traditional media including,, Sustainable Industry Magazine, as well as spoken at over 100 industry conferences, and cited in 100s of publications on cleantech.  Neal is a serial entrepreneur and venture capital investor with experience across energy, power, Cleantech and IT. He has a long track record of launching new ventures to commercialize technology across 9 startups and a number of multinationals on 3 continents, and has held every executive job in a startup. He is currently a venture capitalist at Energy Transition Ventures and Old Growth Ventures, and was formerly the corporate venture capital arm of Royal Dutch Shell, as well as board member of American Electric Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:AETI) before its sale to Myers Power and Stabilis Energy.

Dr. Edward Beardsworth

Associate Director, Research Director and Power Program Lead

Dr. Edward Beardsworth, Ed is a long-time fixture in the energy technology landscape. A physicist who began his career at EPRI and Brookhaven National Laboratory, Ed has advised startups and energy companies on technology for 30 years. He ran a multi-client study, Utility Federal Technology Opportunities, for 15 years, advising 25 of the largest power companies in the US. He has consulted for investment industry leaders including Nth Power and Cleantech Venture Network, and is a Senior Technical Fellow at Jane Capital Partners.

Dr. William Salathiel

Associate Director and Energy Program Lead

William is a versatile business and technology consultant with education in chemistry, physics, thermodynamics, molecular spectroscopy, finance, accounting, marketing, and management. He has accumlated 25 years of broad experience consulting on technology and business problems, and 20 years of petroleum industry research experience. Recent consulting engagements have included vetting technologies and start-up management teams for clean power production, transmission, and storage; and alternative methods of transportation fuel production. Other consulting spanned venture organization, marketing, personnel selection, search, and compensation, mergers & acquisitions, and technical problem solving. Earlier, he did industrial research in the areas of surface science and surfactant development; and petroleum production related to well completions (fluids, sand consolidation, gravel packing), well stimulation (acidizing, fracturing, diverting), pipeline friction reduction, asphaltene & paraffin deposition, reservoir processes, surfactant enhanced oil recovery, and polymer gel diversion of reservoir floods.

David Niebauer

General Counsel

David Niebauer has over 20 years of domestic and international corporate finance experience, with a particular focus on clean energy and environmental technologies. He has represented numerous companies in complex M&A and financing transactions and acts as General Counsel (including IP strategy, protection and licensing) for innovative cleantech companies, including Smart WiresBrillouin Energy Corporation, and LumiGrow.  David also serves on the Board of Directors of LumiGrow, the New Energy Movement and he is founder and Managing Director of Quantum Heat, a non-profit for the advancement of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology, supporting the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.