Bulletin #1 – Up and Running

Oct 1, 1994
UFTO 94-95 is up and running! Several items for your attention:
1. The first of the reports on last year’s work is enclosed. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has a lot to offer. PLEASE, give me some feedback soon on the format, content and organization of the material, to guide preparation of the other reports. I hope to send you Argonne, Livermore and NIST in the next 4-6 weeks.
Most importantly, let me know what interests you at ORNL, and if you want any help from me in making contact with people there.
2. To date, only one subscriber has completed the startup questionnaire. I hope to hear from everybody else soon, so we can get underway with scheduling the on-site briefings, and with the selection of the federal labs that we’ll focus on over the coming year. (see #4)
3. Also enclosed, a registration brochure for Technology 2004, a major federal tech transfer conference to be held this November in Washington DC. If you want to get a quick introduction to the whole arena of US government technology, I suggest you go. Probably 1 – 1 1/2 days will be enough to take full advantage of the exhibit booths, which is the best part.
A couple of you have suggested that we should get the group together. Here’s a two part question: Do you want such a meeting and would you attend? How about having it in DC during Tech 2004? Let know your views on the next page.
4. Finally, I’ve enclosed a list of candidate labs for us to begin our selection process. Please fax it back to me as soon as possible with your comments.