UFTO 94-95 Closure Memo

To: UFTO Members
From: Ed Beardsworth
Subject: Closure on the 94-95 UFTO Program

94-95 UFTO Deliverables to date

• Final reports issued:

Livermore (LLNL) NIST
Argonne (ANL) NREL
Oak Ridge (ORNL)

• Site Visits: (Reports in preparation):

Berkeley (LBL) Sandia
Los Alamos (LANL) Pacific Northwest (PNL)


• Contacts/invited: NASA Lewis, ETEC, DOD (various)…

• Group Meeting & NREL Site Visit

• “Extras”: DOE International Fossil Meeting;

LLNL Update;

Bulletins — items of interest

• Member Utility Briefings & Needs Assessments

• Networking @ DOE re:

people; partnerships; programs content/big picture; organization/structural change


Remaining Tasks:

• The 94-95 UFTO program will be considered complete with delivery of reports for LBL, LANL, Sandia, PNL, and one DOD facility.

• The consulting time allotted to each member can be used anytime through August ’95.


Agreed to: (signed) _____________________________ _________ (date)

(print name) ____________________________

(company) ____________________________


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