Room Temp Superconductor Wire

Subject: UFTO Note — Room Temp Superconductor Wire
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 12:46:46 -0700
From: Ed Beardsworth <>
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ROOTS, Inc. — Room Temp Superconductors (again)

References: previous UFTO notes about this company:
Aug 27, 1996 Private placement offering memo
May 23, 1996 Update on progress
March 1995 First UFTO report

The credibility of this story appears to be increasing substantially.

ROOTS Inc. has established the presence of very high conductivity in certain classes of polypropylene polymer films, and is actively developing applications for the film, while also working on making wire. The materials exhibit near zero resistivity, several orders of magnitude less than copper, from -450 to +390 degrees F.

ROOTS has completed a phase 1 SBIR with the Air Force, and began a Phase 2 contract in May.

Dr. James L. Smith, Chief Scientist at the Superconductivity Center at Los Alamos National Lab, has recently joined their Scientific Advisory Group, and has clearly indicated that he takes their work very seriously.

The company now has prepared a detailed development plan to build “ultraconductor” wire, one kilometer long, and they recently submitted a proposal for an NIST/ATP grant for $2 million.

This new plan provides the clearest picture of what is happening, including a readable outline of the theory. A copy can be obtained from ROOTS under a non-disclosure agreement.
Contact Mark Goldes, ROOTS, Sebastopol, CA, 707-829-9391.

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