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Power Company Execs Thinking Business as Usual

In this new survey report, it is striking how many of the utility execs are wishfully thinking that the world won’t pull the rug out from under them, where other industry participants see that dramatically different futures need to be considered, even if they may be somewhat lower on the probability scale. Note particularly the […]

Waste Heat to Power

There is a lot of interest in recovering waste heat. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is at the heart of a large part of the distributed generation business. The heat can be used to heat water, provide process heat, and even cooling. Converting waste heat to electric power is getting attention as well.

Modeling the Grid — Breakthrough

DOE, EPRI and the entire power industry is abuzz with talk about how the grid can be operated better. The grand vision comes up hard against the incredibly difficult problem of modeling. For many decades, the best mathematicians, operations researchers, utility engineers and others have struggled to come up with (computerized) representations of the grid that can guide planners and operators.


UFTO NOTES 2004 15 Oct 2004 UFTO Note – Superconducting Fault Current Limiter 07 Oct 2004 UFTO Update – Ultrapurification of Oil 13 Sep 2004 UFTO Note – True Plug&Play for Energy Advances 26 Aug 2004 UFTO Update – Sag Line Mitigator is Ready 01 Jun 2004 UFTO Note – Openshark Coordinates Digging Streets 05 […]

Superconducting Fault Current Limiter

Australians quietly develop something completely different. A “fault” in a transmission or distribution circuit is nasty business. Circuit breakers open up, and that not only interrupts service to a lot of customers, it can also put a surge on the system. Worse, most fault clear themselves almost immediately, and then a decision has to be made, either by a person or by the equipment.

Ultrapurification of Oil

You may recall seeing this before. UFTO has introduced it up a couple of times in the past, the last time in an UFTO Note, 5 Mar 2001. The company has a new name- ISOPur Fluid Technologies. It now has backing from major VCs, new top management, and it’s proving itself in the marketplace.

True Plug and Play for Energy Advances

We’ve been working with a startup company that’s come up with plans for a box that will streamline the installation and use of new energy technology. They have designs, have applied for a patent, and are already getting strong interest from residential developers as their first market entry point. The company is seeking strategic partners and capital. Here, in their own words, is the basic idea.

Sag Line Mitigator is Ready

We’ve been following SLiM for a long time (see below), and it’s a proud moment now to see this program come to the point of actual commercialization. Industry testing has been extensive and very successful. They are ready to take orders. Delivery in small quantities can be fairly prompt, and they are in the process of raising funds to ramp up production (investor inquiries welcome).