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Welcome to Contributor to the Blog – Nick Bruse – Cleantech Forum

I wanted to welcome Nick Bruse to Cleantechblog. Nick will be doing a weekly Sunday column profiling new Australian clean technology companies. He launched his first column this week with a profile of two Australian clean coal technologies, and an overview of the state of technology development in the Australian coal industry. Nick Bruse is […]

Blog on Kleiner Perkin’s Energy Tech Thoughts at Cleantech Conference

Cleantech Venture Network’s Cleantech IX is in full swing at the Marriott in San Francisco this week. The largest turnout yet. Among the best received speakers were John Doerr and John Denniston of Kleiner Perkins. Kleiner Perkins, one of the best known players in venture capital, recently announced that they would be spending $100 mm […]

Berkeley Green Home EXPO – Local Cleantech Support

Cleantechblog is sponsoring the Berkeley Green Home EXPO coming up in April. We are excited to see local support for energy tech and cleantech, and are happy to support Berkeley’s efforts in sustainability, solar, clean energy and cleantech. Announcement below: Energy Independence to Be Focus of Berkeley’s 3rd Annual Green Home EXPOPanel to be moderated […]

More Technical Summary on Solar Concentrators from The Energy Blog

Jim Fraser of the Energy Blog wrote an excellent follow-up to our discussion on solar PV concentrators, with a lot of depth of several of the various technologies, which I felt merited its own posting on CleantechBlog. With minor edits, his note is below: Excuse a few technicalities to keep the terminology clear. Solar energy […]

News on the Rise of Solar Concentrator Technologies in Energy Tech

I always try and keep an eye out on what other investors and analysts think is hot. We have been chronicling on Cleantechblog the rise in energy tech / cleantech venture capital investment in solar for some time. This has been driven primarily due to an exploding public capital markets in solar, creating attractive exit […]