Distrib Power Meeting; Interconnection Stds

The Distributed Power Coalition of America (DPCA) is holding its annual meeting this week in Washington, with a special session on Interconnection Issues.

The website is quite informative…see material below, and go to — http://www.dpc.org/events/annual98/agenda.html

In addition (as will be discussed in detail at the meeting), the IEEE standards activity in this area has become quite intense. There was a preliminary session in St. Louis last month in conjunction with the IEEE-IAS Society meeting.
“IEEE-SCC21″ Standards Development Coordinations for Fuel Cells, PV, Dispersed Generation, and Energy Storage”

Meeting is scheduled for Dec 9-11, also in Washington

Chair is Dick DeBlasio of NREL, 303-384-6452, dick_deblasio@nrel.gov

For a registration form contact: Kim Taylor Conference Coordinator, 303-275-4358, kimberly_taylor@nrel.gov

Meeting will coordinate development of consensus standards within the IEEE-SCC21 committee and its working groups. Emphasis will be placed on technology-specific standards, needs, standards project development, and establishment of working groups. Standards such as utility interconnection and testing protocols will be addressed and coordinated.

SCC-21’s role was expanded in June to merge SCC23 (dispersed storage and generation) and SCC21 (PV)

(As of this writing, I couldn’t find anything about this on the internet.)


Thursday, Nov. 12, 1998
“Preparing for the Millennium of Distributed Generation”

Industry-Wide Summit on Interconnection
Friday, Nov. 13, 1998
“Interconnection Issues for Distributed Generation”

Hilton Crystal City at National Airport Washington, DC

Opening Reception Crystal City Hilton
Wednesday, Nov. 11, 1998 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Everyone Welcome!

The Distributed Power Coalition of America was launched in 1997 as an advocacy group to promote the use of distributed power generation in the marketplace. Small-scale units that produce electricity closer to the customer are becoming an economic reality. Compared to spot prices of $10,000/MWh this summer, distributed generation technology makes good sense–even if only used for limited periods of time!

Our annual meeting this year features a number of exciting case studies about the economic reality of these options in today’s market. These include advanced turbine systems, microturbines in real-life multiple settings, the combination of cutting edge technology to resolve reliability issues, and fuel cells for individual homes. Please check out the enclosed program brochure!

In addition, we are sponsoring a one-day industry-wide summit meeting on interconnection. This event brings together, for the first time, all of the major groups working on this issue–DOE, CADER, GRI, EPRI and IEEE–including case reports from working groups on standards for fuel cells and photovoltaics. This meeting may be the most comprehensive held to date to discuss how these new technologies will connect to the existing electricity grid. If you have a stake in this issue, you need to be there!

So sign up early, as hotel space is limited. We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be the most important networking event in distributed generation this year!


Wayne Gardner DPCA Chair DPCA Executive Director
Sarah McKinleyDPCA Executive Director

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