New Carbon Management Report

DOE has assessed fundamental research needs in carbon management through a series of workshops. A new report based on information from those workshops and other background materials is available on the Internet. The report identifies targets of opportunity for fundamental research likely to lead to the development of mid- to long-term solutions for reducing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere.

It covers five topic areas:

1) capture of carbon dioxide, decarbonization strategies, and carbon dioxide sequestration and utilization;
2) hydrogen development and fuel cells;
3) enhancement of the natural carbon cycle;
4) biomass production and utilization; and
5) improvement of the efficiency of energy production, conversion, and utilization.

The report is down loadable in a .pdf format from the Office of Science (Energy Research) website under the link in the website entitled “Carbon Management Research Needs”.

Contact: John Houghton, (301) 903-8288,

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