UCLA Fuel Cell Course

On July 15-18, 1996, UCLA Extension will present the short course, “Batteries and Fuel Cells: Applications and Performance”, on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

The instructors are Gerald Halpert, PhD, Supervisor, Energy Storage Systems Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; James R. Huff, PhD, Chief Scientist, Ballard Power Corp; Samuel Levy, PhD, Battery Consultant; and David Pickett, Jr., PhD, President, AAAA Energy Enterprises.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the various types of primary and rechargeable battery systems and fuel cells. Basic electrochemical concepts and terminology are presented which describe the chemical/electrical energy conversion processes. The course also discusses methods for calculating and predicting key parameters.

Primary batteries are described, with applications and expected performance of zinc aqueous systems and lithium nonaqueous systems. Rechargeable (secondary) battery topics include nickel, silver oxide, lead-acid, and sodium systems, their applications, charge methodology, and performance. The newest concepts in nickel-metal hybrid, lithium rechargeable cells, state-of-the-art fuel cells, and other concepts are covered as well.

Specific and sample applications, from consumer to military and space, are presented for each of the systems. Finally, the course reviews recent developments in handling, disposal, and environmental regulation, and relevant manufacturing issues associated with the specific technology.

A problem-solving session is included in the course.

Course fee is $1395, which includes extensive course materials. These materials are for participants only, and are not for sale.

For additional information and a complete course description, please contact Marcus Hennessy at: (310) 825-1047 (310) 206-2815 fax mhenness@unex.ucla.edu

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