CONFIDENTIAL Alert: CETI/Patterson Cell


CETI/Patterson Cell publicity surge expected soon

April 17, 1996


As you know, the Patterson “new hydrogen energy” Cell was featured on ABC TV news and the Wall Street Journal back in early February, and their basic U.S. patent (No. 5,494,559) was awarded Feburary 27.

(UFTO provided copies of videotapes and a general information package on cold fusion to those who wanted them — see UFTO Bulletin #18, February 2, 1996, and the UFTO Comment “Advances in Cold Fusion.”)

Another blitz of publicity is expected to occur at the end of April, so you may want to be prepared to respond to inquiries. We don’t have any insights about what new developments if any that the anticipated news stories will talk about.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that CETI’s unorthodox business style is making it very difficult for other organizations to come to any kind of terms with them. Also, there are now reports that the calorimetry may not have been done with sufficient care and attention to details, even in the independent university tests, so claims of “over unity” energy production are yet to be solidly confirmed.


In another week or two, Eneco expects to have a more specific proposal for their “Survey of the State of the Art” review of cold fusion, along the lines of their outline I sent you with the March Bulletin. I will give Eneco your names and addresses so they can contact you about it, but otherwise this will be a matter between you and them.

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