Argonne 98

It is a 28 page (100K) Word doc, so only the front matter is included below in this note. You can obtain the full text either:
— on line in the clients-only part of the UFTO website (html)
— on request as an email attachment (Word, RTF, or html)
— on request in hardcopy

UFTO Final Report–Argonne National Laboratory
September 1998
Technologies & Programs
Sensor monitor and fault detection system (MSET)
On-Line Plant Transient Diagnostic
Steam Generator Tubing Diagnostics
Leak Rate Test Facility
Advanced NOx Control with Gas Co-firing
Enhanced Surface Condensers Improve Heat Rate
Sensors and Component Reliability
Millimeter-wave remote chemical sensor
Near-Frictionless Carbon
Ice Slurry District Cooling
GASMAP — Analysis and Tracking Tool for the Natural Gas Industry
Ceramicrete Phosphate Ceramic
Advanced Fuel Cells for Utilities
GC Tool: A Dynamic Fuel Cell System Simulation Model
Independent Testing of Fuel Cells
Batteries and Energy Storage
Battery Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory
Information Management
Mesoscale Weather Modelling
Facility Profile Information Management System (FPIMS)
Hazardous Materials Information Exchange (HMIX)
Technology Evaluation
Strategic Planning Systems
Cost Engineering
Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D)
Oxygen Enriched Diesels
Microwave Recovery of Hydrogen and Sulfur from Refinery Wastes
Nanoparticle catalysts
Advanced Electrodialysis Separations
Recovering Zinc from Galvanized Scrap

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