New EIA reports

DOE Energy Information Admin issued two major reports yesterday

Electric Power Annual 1996
Renewable Energy Annual 1997

The first section of their “What’s New” webpage is shown below. The website provides links to summary, content, and pdf versions of each.

What’s New at EIA
**Electric Power Annual 1996 – Volume I (11/5/97) This report presents a summary of electric power industry statistics at national, regional, and State levels. The objective of the publication is to provide industry decisionmakers, government policy-makers, analysts, and the general public with data that may be used in understanding U.S. electricity markets. View an on-line summary of the publication. The data tables from this report are also available in ASCII format. This entire publication is also available for downloading as a PDF

Quarterly Coal Report – April-June (PDF – 1.5 MB) (11/5/97) This report provides comprehensive information about U.S. coal production, distribution, exports, imports, receipts, prices, consumption, and stocks. Coke production, consumption, distribution, imports, and exports data are also provided. View an on-line summary of the publication.

**Renewable Energy Annual 1997 – Volume 1 (11/03/97) This report presents the following information on the history, status, and prospects of renewable energy in the United States: historical renewable energy data; estimates of renewable resources; characterizations of renewable energy technologies; descriptions of industry infrastructures for individual technologies; evaluations of current market status; and assessments of near-term prospects for market growth. View an on-line summary of the publication. This entire publication is also available for downloading as a PDF

The Impact of Environmental Compliance Costs on U.S. Refining Profitability (10/30/97) Analysis of effects of environmental compliance costs on U.S. refining profitability in the 1990’s for major energy companies.

Special Report on China’s Energy Sector (10/28/97) As Chinese President Jiang Zemin visits the United States during the week of October 27, 1997, the U.S. Energy Information Administration is releasing an extensive report on China’s energy sector. Included are some charts which include energy forecasts for China as well as analysis on the structure of China’s energy sector. Also included are some charts forecasting China’s carbon emissions from energy sources.

Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Voluntary Reporting (10/28/97) Results of the second year of the Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Program.

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