Elec Reliability TF 6th meeting Nov 6

Electric System Reliability Task Force 6th Meeting
Notice of Open Meeting — Advance Notice

The sixth meeting of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Task Force on Electric System Reliability will be held on Thursday, November 6, from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM at the ANA Hotel, 2401 M Street, NW, Washington DC 20007. The draft agenda is available on line http://vm1.hqadmin.doe.gov:80/seab/esr6ann.html

The meeting will build on the task force’s Interim Report and will include discussions of the following items:

Draft Position Paper on a Self-Regulating Reliability Organization
Draft Paper on Technology Issues Affecting Reliability
A Panel Discussion on the Role of ISOs in Maintaining Reliability


I just received this note from DOE, with the draft papers as attachments. If you want copies of these documents, let me know, and I’ll forward them to you individually (the full set of both versions is over 600K). Tell me if you want the WP or Word versions…


Attached are three documents for discussion at the November 6 meeting of the Task Force on Electric System Reliability. These documents are:

* Draft Position Paper on Maintaining Bulk Power Reliability through Use of a Self-Regulating Organization;

* Discussion Paper on Maintaining Reliability in a Restructured Electric Power Industry: The Role of Transmission System Operators; and

* Draft Outline for a Position Paper on Technical Issues in Transmission System Reliability.

Each document is provided in both WordPerfect and Word formats. The documents are best viewed in WordPerfect format. Since the documents were prepared in WordPerfect, the Word files may not contain all graphics.

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