QuickStabTM: Real-Time Prediction of Transmission System Loadability

Subject: UFTO Note – QuickStabTM: Real-Time Prediction of Transmission System Loadability
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997
From: Ed Beardsworth
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(The developer of this program was referred to UFTO by a staff member at DOE. The following write up was prepared by him. Note the special offer for UFTO Members, in the last paragraph.)

QuickStabTM : Real-Time Prediction of Transmission System Loadability

Today’s utility systems are likely to be dispatched near the limit of capacity and stability. In the context of open transmission access, network loadings will often get close to unstable states undetectable by conventional power-flow, optimal power-flow and contingency analysis programs. Such states will have to be predicted before they occur.

Without a real-time ability to determine how close the system is to a critical state, utilities will be less able to operate reliably and to compete effectively in the deregulated market. Also, the real-time assessment of the maximum loadability will have to be performed LOCALLY by EACH utility, in addition to, or rather than, being performed only at ISOs or large area coordination centers (power pools).

Critical states occur at, or within a certain margin from, the maximum power transfer capability, or maximum loadability of a power system. This limit is not constant. It depends on the generation, customer demand and transmission network conditions. In order to be meaningful and reliable, it must be computed from the real-time conditions of the transmission network.

A field-proven solution to this problem is available. A maximum loadability predictor has been developed and successfully tested and validated. It determines the transmission reliability margin corresponding to a given system state and evaluates the distance to the point of maximum loadability of the transmission network. In addition, it displays the results in a suggestive, easy-to-understand graphical format, and provides information that can help develop a quick remedial action strategy.

The program, known as QuickStabTM, offers significant benefits. It can help increase revenues from wheeling charges while meeting higher MW demand and reliability requirements. It is well suited for short- and mid-term operations planning scenarios. And it can be used on-line to supplement existing real-time computing facilities. Its modular design and portable code implementation make it possible to integrate the stability calculations with existing power-flow, optimum power-flow and security assessment applications.

As a special offer to UFTO members, QuickStabTM will be made available FREE for a 60 days trial period. Since users need to understand the methodology and be technically proficient at doing load flow and steady-state stability calculations, a training workshop will be provided at moderate cost to address the solution technique, definition of study cases, data preparation procedures, program installation, and interpretation of results.

For additional information, or to arrange for a private, exclusive QuickStab presentation at the upcoming PICA 97 conference, please contact:

Dr. Savu Savulescu
5104 Woodmere Drive, Suite #204
Centreville, VA 20120-4333
(703)818-8028 savu.scs@worldnet.att.net

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