T&D Workshop

Subject: UFTO T&D Workshop
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 09:19:20 -0700
From: Ed Beardsworth <edbeards@batnet.com>


A preliminary program concept and invitation

Subject: What’s needed on the T&D grid now and in the future

What do the Labs have to offer

(Topics to include: equipment, devices, systems, operations, maintenance, automation, materials, sensors, reliability, analysis, planning, etc., FOR THE GRID. Not generation, storage, end-use, etc.; distributed resources only to extent of assessing impact on the grid.)

Attendance: (by invitation)

— UFTO Member Reps and/or T&D Experts
— Federal Lab representatives
— (possible) Selected startups/vendors with new and innovative ideas and products

Purpose — A chance for:

— An informal dialogue and exchange of ideas;
— The market to say what it needs;
— The Labs to show what they have done and can do;
— Relationship building;
— Exploration of collaborative opportunities.

Place: Richland (Tri-Cities) WA, Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) has offered to be the host.

Time: Week of October 21 or November 4. 1 1/2 days

(Optional/encouraged to stay on for tours, other meetings, etc.)

Costs: Own travel and accomodations.

(Possibly a small registration fee to cover meeting expenses.)

Format: Short presentations by both utility and lab attendees, with lots of roundtable discussion.

Success Measures: All attendees learn something useful; collaborations initiated; utilities adopt lab technology; labs gain better understanding of market needs; etc.

Background: UFTO member utility companies have seen detailed reports that describe the work at each of many Federal Labs, and this material has been well received. Now, their goal is to concentrate in a particular technical area, and bring together representatives and the technology offerings from across all the labs, for the purposes outlined above.

Though DOE is not currently funding T&D research, the labs have long experience, many exciting products, innovations and ideas, and technical expertise that can be brought to bear (e.g. systems analysis, sensors, materials, etc., just to name a few).


Please respond as soon as possible, by email, fax, or phone, on the following points:

1. Will someone from your organization be likely to attend? (If not, what changes would increase the likelihood?)

2. How does this sound to you? Is it a reasonable starting point? Any thoughts, suggestions?

3. Workshop Content:

Labs: What technologies would you like to present? What questions would you like answered?

UFTO Utilities: What areas would you like to have emphasized? Would you prepare a presentation on (some aspect) of industry needs? Would you help in the planning? Be chairperson?

4. Preferences on dates.

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