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SUBJECT: Unique opportunity/Fuel Cells

An interesting situation has arisen in connection with the CO to CO2 catalyst I mentioned in an earlier bulletin. (Nov 1, 1995). The company, Mantic Corp, is a startup with a license for NASA technology and also important further developments of its own to make catalysts that convert CO to CO2 at room temperature, and which can be applied to many different substrates (i.e. not a high temp. fabrication process that can only be applied to special ceramics).

They have a number of application areas in mind, not yet including the following:

I noticed a patent awarded to Ballard last month for the use of a catalyst to get rid of CO in a PEM fuel cell, to prevent the poisoning of the electrodes. The patent does not speak to what type of catalyst would be used. Before I made this connection, Mantic had no knowledge of the possible application of such catalysts in Fuel Cells, and wasn’t aware of the degree to which fuel cells have progressed in recent years.

Would you be interested in discussing WITH MANTIC the possibility of working with them to develop an intellectual property position on the use of their catalysts for this type of application? Please handle this information with discretion, and discuss with me before contacting anyone. In particular, please do not mention it to anyone outside your company, especially Ballard or any other FC developers. As noted in the previous note, I’ll be on travel until 3/1. Feel free to leave tel. messages (which I will get) or email (which I won’t get.)

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