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SUBJECT: Latest on CETI & Patterson Cell

The publicity I’d told you might be happening last month will be postponed until the end of June, according to more recent rumors. Apparently, CETI held a meeting at Miley’s lab in Champaign Urbana at the end of March. Two utilities (who are following all this very closely), GE, NASA, and a couple of foreign automakers were there, along with EPRI and SRI. Motorola was notable for its absence. The story goes that a deal was struck that everyone who got cells to test agreed to hold off making any announcements at least until the end of June. We’ll see what happens then.

Meanwhile, ENECO is putting together a proposal to utilities and other energy companies to offer a detailed State of the Art report. (This would be a first step towards setting up a private investment consortium to fund research at several sites around the world to get definitive answers that the individual participants can then go and develop further on an individual proprietary basis.)

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