Bulletin #9 – Intelligent Distribution Geomagnetic storms Superconductivity

UFTO Bulletin #9
July 13, 1995

To: UFTO Subscribers:

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Intelligent Distribution Geomagnetic storms Superconductivity


1. Update on the new connection at Idaho National Engineering Lab(INEL)…….

– I’ve waited sending this to include a more detailed description of the”Intelligent Distribution System” but INEL hasn’t gotten it to me yet. I’ll send it on to you Friday if it arrives. On the surface, the “IDS” looks like a perfect match for your company’s strategic goals, so be sure to alert the appropriate people in your company.

– INEL is probably not going to do the big “Utility Day” mentioned previously. Instead, they’d welcome visits by any of us individually or in groups (which is even better for us). I will plan my official UFTO visit for sometime in August. Maybe you’d like to join me there after I’ve spent a day with them, or arrange for a visit some other time, once I get you more information.

2. Changing Faces: Just after I sent you the list of lab contacts, I learned that David South is no longer at Argonne. He left to join a consulting firm in DC with Jack Siegel, former head of DOE Fossil. Until we reestablish contact with that part of ANL, we can continue to work through Tom Marciniak.

3. DOE’s Annual Peer Review of the Superconductivity Program of Electric Systems will be held August 1-2 at the Holdiay Inn, Alexandria VA. Contact Craig Matzdorf, Energetics, Inc., 410-290-0370. The program will cover national lab and major private industry programs and detailed project updates from the Superconductivity Partnership Initiative. Looks like a good way to get the whole story at once! I have a copy of the agenda if they can’t get it to you immediately.

– (Are you getting the Superconductivity Bulletin? I sent them your name and address. Contact is Margaret Hanley at Argonne National Lab, Email: mmhanley@anl.gov.)

4. Any interest in geomagnetic storms, solar flares, and that whole business of induced EM pulses raising havoc with T&D systems? An episode in 1989 blacked out the entire Hydro Quebec system. Sandia has done some work in what they call “Space Weather Modeling” (I have a copy of a report and a contact name). Also, Oak Ridge has an ongoing monitoring project. Let me know if someone in your company wants to follow up.

– (BTW–Sandia is reviewing my draft report, so it should be ready before the end of July)

5. I will be travelling July 16-21 to the UBG meeting and the 5th International Conf. on Batteries for Utility Storage. A UFTO member utility is sending me to represent them and to take detailed notes. If you want to cofund this fact finding mission and share in the results (as this is outside the scope of UFTO), let me know.

The hotel tel # 800-468-2818 or 809-791-1000 if you want to reach me.

6. The time is rapidly approaching to decide about Year #2 of UFTO. A letter and proposal went in the mail to you this week. We have one confirmed renewal already! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help your decision process.


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