Bulletin #8 – LBL Report Utility Needs INEL

UFTO Bulletin #8

June 15, 1995

To: UFTO Subscribers:

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LBL Report Utility Needs INEL


1. Enclosed — the final report for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL)…. note the special core competencies in Energy Analysis, Buildings, Lighting, etc. and the special situation of the CIEE.PLEASE don’t put it in your “to-read” pile…..Look it over and make copies and route it in your company now.

2. I sent our UFTO “Technology Needs of Utilities” document to ten labs last week. We’re already getting some responses. A copy is enclosed for you, along with the cover letter and the distribution list….these are our key contacts in the labs. Go ahead and call them at any time you feel the urge.

3. There’s a whole new situation at Idaho National Engineering Lab(INEL). Thanks to a referral by Graham Siegel, I got a call from Tom Sauerbrun, their new Utility Program Manager. As you may recall, INEL’s management contract was awarded last year to a new team headed by Lockheed (now Lockheed Marietta), with a daring new performance based compensation scheme, especially heavy on tech transfer and commercialization.

INEL has some very exciting new technology for the utility industry that they’ve kept very quiet, and we’re getting an early look. Official announcements are due in a few weeks.

Specifically, they say they have a complete and tested “Intelligent Distribution System”, ready for prime time (i.e., spinoff from the lab of a fully operational commercial team).. It’s been developed in-house, and implemented on the Lab’s own extensive power system, where it will be demonstrated. It’s an advanced software system that can integrate many different commercial technologies that are already available. If INEL has it right, this sounds a lot like what many of you are looking for — advanced distribution control technology, and a way to make it into a major new business opportunity. Let me know if you can’t wait for their announcement and want to make contact immediately.

We’re also the first to be notified of their planned invitation-only “Utility Day”, to take place in August or September. Details to follow.

Any objections if I do INEL now as part of the 94-95 program, in place of a DOD lab?

BTW (that’s “by the way”, in I-way lingo) – Livermore tells me there’s tremendous interest in Capacitive Deionization (see UFTO Update 1/95) — vendors taking licenses for all kinds of applications, and even a major utility has come to have a look–not one of us, sorry to say. Isn’t the idea of a neat little electric water softener intriguing? Not to mention desalination. You could do a joint venture with one of the licensees, e.g. a water treatment company.

PS: Have a look at the enclosed brochure for the UBG meeting (July 17 — preceding the 5th International Conf. on Batteries for Utility Storage, July 18-21). Looks like a good place to learn what’s happening. If you don’t have anyone going, my offer to attend on your behalf still stands.

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