Fuel Cells Discussed on Investors Net Radio Show

The information presented in these interviews is pretty basic, starting with a primer on the big changes underway in the utility industry. Hugh Holman (see the UFTO home page for his earlier report) is one of the very few Wall Street analysts concentrating on energy technology. He makes a good case that this area could be the “next big thing,” and we’ve already had a taste of it starting this January.

The programs give a good overview perspective on fuel cells, and it’s interesting to hear spokesmen from Plug and Ballard explain their positioning and strategies, and to hear the financial reporters starting to “get it.” We have to remember that most people know very little about all of this — maybe these shows can help us explain it to friends and family ( “and management?” . . . no . . better not say that).

You can listen to the archived broadcasts over the internet, using RealPlayer, or order transcripts.

(PR Newswire article this morning)

Fuel Cell or ‘Fool Cell?’ Engines Highlight ‘Tech Check’ Radio With CIBC Analyst Hugh Holman and Paul Lancaster Of Ballard Power Systems

Is the venerable but polluting internal combustion engine in autos and buses about to go the way of black and white TV? How long will it be until we’ll be speeding along the roadways emitting nothing more toxic than water vapor?

To hear the latest developments in the race to bring the first commercially produced and priced fuel cell engines to transportation users worldwide, tune in to [Wed Mar 29] today’s “Tech Check” Radio program produced by Informed Investors Radio.

. . . Vancouver, BC-based Ballard Power Systems (Nasdaq: BLDP) has made great strides in developing PEM (proton exchange membrane) technology and is a leader worldwide in developing fuel cell technology for transportation uses. It also has a major commitment in stationary and portable power segments. Paul Lancaster, VP of Corporate Development, will discuss Ballard’s most recent developments and answer questions.

Analyst Hugh Holman of CIBC World Markets is again a guest. In last week’s program, Holman largely focused on fuel cell companies providing stationary power for residential use and other stand-alone markets, with a particular emphasis on developments at Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG).

This week, Holman will discuss fuel cells and transportation. Also, listeners of last week’s program sent provocative questions relating to Canadian company Global Thermoelectric (Toronto: GLE) and its solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) program. Holman will discuss pros and cons of the PEM vs. the SOFC.



March 22, 2000 –PART 1
[this link will immediately start downloading the RealPlayer audio file]

Honey, Don’t Forget to Pack the Fuel Cell.
Soaring energy costs have rejuvenated thoughts of alternative energy. Meet some of the players.

Theme: Sector news–especially the tech sector–from the analysts, fund managers, industry pundits and company executives is the focus. Expect timely, in-depth news for improving investment decisions.

Snapshot: With gas prices rising faster than the Fed Funds rate, Wall Street has discovered fuel cell companies. Developments in this nascent, but potentially enormous industry will almost certainly have major effects on both the transportation and power generation industries. To get the inside scoop on what is powering the surge in the fuel cell-related stocks, catch analyst Hugh Holman of CIBC World Markets and Gary Mittleman, CEO of Plug Power (Nasdaq:PLUG).

March 29, 2000 –PART 2

Energy Tech Part 2: Fired Up About Fuel Cells
Another look at this exploding group, which may change the way we fuel our cars and homes. Ballard Power Systems is scheduled, and so is Hugh Holman, an energy technology analyst at CIBC World Markets. He’ll review types of fuel cells, industry drivers and trends, and what to watch the rest of the year.

Snapshot: “Energy Tech Part 2: Fired Up About Fuel Cells” Having set records for traffic last Wednesday, we’ll take another look at this exploding group, which may change the way we fuel our cars and homes. Ballard Power Systems is scheduled, and Hugh Holman, Energy Technology analyst at CIBC World Markets, returns to review types of fuel cells, industry drivers and trends and what to watch the rest of the year.

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