Calif. Interconnection Workshop Dec 6

Just received this note a few minutes ago from Jairam Gopal, the head of CADER.

It appears that California is gearing up to follow in the footsteps of Texas and New York, and do something about interconnection requirements.

Subject:  Hello everyone:
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 10:21:22 -0800
From:  “Jairam Gopal” <>

Hello everyone:
Please see the CEC Web site at:

for the following posted documents:

1) CEC’s Nov. 3 Order Instituting Investigation on Interconnection issues.
2) Siting Committee’s notice of first interconnection workshop to be  held on December 6.

As you are aware, this OII follows the CPUC Decision of the earlier proceeding on Distributed Generation and Distributed Competition.

The CEC will lead the proceedings on Interconnection Issues and will kick off the process with the above mentioned workshop on December 6, 1999. If you are on the service list of the earlier CPUC proceeding, you should receive a hard copy of the Notice by mail.

Chair, CADER
Jairam Gopal
(916) 654-4880  (tel)
(916) 654-4753 (fax)

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