DOE Distributed Power Program Review and Planning Meeting

Just received this notice a few minutes ago…

Below you will find details regarding a Distributed Power for the 21st Century program review and planning meeting. Please register promptly if you plan to attend. Registration forms should be emailed to

DOE Distributed Power Program Review and Planning Meeting

As a result of recommendations from stakeholders at a workshop on removing technical, regulatory and institutional barriers to distributed power, held in December 1998, a Distributed Power Program was initiated at the Department of Energy to address these barriers. The focus of the FY1999 program activities has been on addressing near-term barriers, namely, documenting interconnection issues, supporting the fast-track development of a uniform national interconnection standard, and providing technical assistance to state and local governments as they consider legislative and regulatory actions impacting distributed power.

To continue to build on the results of last December’s workshop, DOE will be having a Program Review and Planning Meeting in conjunction with a meeting of the IEEE SCC21 distributed power interconnection working group, September 27-29, 1999, at the Holiday Inn National Airport in Arlington, VA. This meeting will provide an opportunity for you to evaluate the program=s early efforts and to help formulate multi-year plans to address longer-term R&D needs. These longer-term needs will focus on capturing the full value of distributed power in an electricity market in which customers can sell power, employ load management, and provide operations support services (ancillary services) as easily as the utility, in an automated and adaptive electric power system. As we move into the next century, distributed power will provide the ultimate choice of electricity supply for consumers and will be the real foundation of competition in the electric power industry.

Please join your Distributed Power colleagues in this important meeting.

———————–(additional information sent as follow-up)————–
Just got word from Dick DeBlasio at NREL about the IEEE Working Group meeting and the DOE planning workshop. A decision was reached to open the IEEE meeting to everyone.

“Ed – the IEEE meeting SCC21 P1547 will be on Sept 28-30th, 1999 for 2 1/2 days following the September 27th DOE DPP review and planning meeting. The idea is that all are invited to all 3 1/2 days of meetings . Its one meeting that includes a full IEEE SCC21 P1547 working group session for 2 1/2 days and a DOE planning meeting. I hope that helps. Dick”

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