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Sandia’s Energy Storage Program has published a new report on power conversion systems which gives a comprehensive overview of the various design approaches, the current state of the art, and recommendations for future development (specifically targeting cost reduction).

The abstract appears below. I also have an electronic copy of the Executive Summary, which I can provide on request (specify RTF or HTML format).

To request copies, contact:
Imelda Francis, 505-844-7362, Fax 505-844-6972,

Technical contact:
Stan Atcitty, 505-284-2701,

“Summary of State-of-the-Art Power Conversion Systems
for Energy Conversion Storage Applications”

Sandia National Labs, SAND98-2019, September 1998


The power conversion system (PCS) is a vital part of many energy storage systems. It serves as the interface between the storage device, an energy source, and an AC load. This report summarizes the results of an extensive study of state-of-the-art power conversion systems used for energy storage applications. The purpose of the study was to investigate the potential for cost reduction and performance improvement in these power conversion systems and to provide recommendations for future research and development.

This report provides:
– an overview of PCS technology,
– a description of several state-of-the-art power conversion systems
and how they are used in specific applications,
– a summary of four basic configurations for the power conversion
systems used in energy storage applications,
– a discussion of PCS costs and potential cost reductions,
– a summary of the standards and codes relevant to the technology,
– recommendations for future research and development.

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