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NIST Adv Technology Program (ATP) Announcements

If you want government funding for your projects, you may want to get familiar with this program, which makes multimillion $ awards for cost shared projects, often to teams of companies, universities and labs.

ATP website is:

–1998 Program Awards — include major projects in “Premium Power”
–1999 Proposal Solicitation and Proposers Conferences


On October 7, 1998, NIST announced results of nine ATP competitions conducted in 1998, including a general competition open to proposals from any area of technology and eight competitions in focused technology areas.

If carried through to completion, the 79 projects will be funded at approximately $224 million from private industry, matched by approximately $236 million from the ATP. The awards are contingent on the acceptance of the awards by the recipients.

Detailed lists and descriptions of the 1998 ATP projects and their participants are available from the ATP World Wide Web site at:

or by contacting NIST Public and Business Affair at (301) 975-2758.

The 1998 Competition categories were:
General Competitions
Photonics Manufacturing
Premium Power (** See below)
Digital Video in Information Networks
Catalysis and Biocatalysis
Microelectronics Manufacturing Infrastructure
Selective-Membrane Platforms
Tools for DNA Diagnostics
Adaptive Learning Systems

**1998 Premium Power Awards

– Preparation and Fundamental Evaluation of Catalytic Materials for Energy Applications
– Modular 2KVA Fuel Cell Power Plant with Live Replaceable, Self-Hydrating, PEM Smart Cartridges
– Novel Process for High-Efficiency Copper-Indium-Gallium-Diselenide (CIGS) Photovoltaic Modules
– Higher Voltage, Lower Impedance Aerogel Ultracapacitor
– Asymmetric Supercapacitor Based Upon Nanostructured Active Materials
– Lightweight, Flexible, High-Efficiency CIS-Alloy Tandem Photovoltaic Devices
– Reduced-Temperature, Electrode-Supported, Planar (RTESP) Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) System for Premium Power Applications
– Advanced Materials and Processes for Cost-Effective High-Power Ultracapacitor Modules
– Distributed Premium Power Fuel Cell Systems Incorporating Novel Materials and Assembly Techniques
– Propane-Fueled Fuel Cell Power System for Telecommunications Applications
– Advanced Lithium Solid Polymer Battery Development



On November 16, ATP announced the opening of its 1999 competition to support innovative, cost-shared industrial research and development. There will be only one single solicitation this year, open to all technology areas. The ATP has approximately $66 million dollars in fiscal year 1999 for first- year funding of new projects.
Full Proposals Due: 3p.m. Eastern Time April 14, 1999

Applicants may, if they wish, submit abbreviated pre-proposals to the ATP to receive feedback from the ATP as to suitability of the proposed project. Starting in FY1999, ATP will accept and provide feedback to pre-proposals throughout the year. However, ATP suggests that pre-proposals be submitted at least two months prior to the full proposal deadline to allow the proposer enough time to incorporate feedback into a 1999 proposal.

A complete collection of the ATP Proposers’ Conference presentations is available on line, along with the 1999 Proposal Preparation Kit.

Hardcopies can be obtained from ATP by phone 1-800-ATP-FUND or 1-800-287-3863.

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