CURC Annual Technology Conf.

Here’s an advance notice just received about this years (2nd) annual CURC conference. I plan to attend on behalf of UFTO.

If you’re interested in receiving later announcements and information, I suggest you send an email to Mary Beth Salter at SCE (tel 626-815-7217) and ask her to add you to the email distribution list.
| ** UFTO ** Edward Beardsworth ** Consultant
| 951 Lincoln Ave. tel 650-328-5670
| Palo Alto CA 94301-3041 fax 650-328-5675

California Electric and Natural Gas Research
Annual Technology Exchange Conference

November 2-4, 1998

Doubletree Hotel near Orange County Airport (714-540-7000)

1. Exchange information on RD&D Projects
2. Identify opportunities for joint funding of RD&D Projects
3. Prevent duplicative RD&D
4. Promote consistency between RD&D programs and State energy policy

a. Identifying RD&D needs and current programs from Local, State, and National perspectives
b. Improving the RD&D Process and Achievement of Benefits
c. Special Keynote Address, Visit to National Fuel Cell Center, and Social at
Edison Field of Anaheim

Sponsor: California Utility Research Council (CURC)
– Members are CPUC, CEC, PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, SoCalGas
– In association with CIEE, CMUA, EPRI,GRI, LADWP, SMUD

– Early hotel registration available directly with Doubletree at $99/day.
Conference starts at 10:00 AM on 11/2/98.
– Conference registration details and forms are in-process
– Contact Mary Beth Salter at SCE 626- 815-7217,
or email for further details

For some fun scary summer reading:
Have a look at the current (August) issue of WIRED Magazine. In a big story on Y2K (page 122), it tells about computer experts who are convinced that civilization as we know it will stop, mostly due to the complete failure of the power grid, for many months or even longer. Some of them have turned into full fledged survivalists, setting up compounds in remote locations.

How serious do you think the threat is?

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