UFTO Website enhancements

Have a look at the UFTO Website. There’ve been some changes.

* Updated the Database**, adding material from UFTO Notes thru last week.

* Added new reports for Wright Lab, NASA Ames, Ames Lab and Ontario Hydro

* Added an “orientation” section to the Clients Only page

* Various layout changes

A couple of member companies are getting close on plans to set up a link to the UFTO website on their company’s internal website, and hopefully will be able to deal with the password access in an automatic way. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Remember the standing offer that anyone in your company can be added to the list to receive UFTO Notes.

As always, suggestions are most welcome.


** I did not include recent UFTO Notes about activities of the DOE SEAB Reliability TF, under the assumption that anyone who cares about that probably knows about it (and TF’s own website) by now. Let me know whether you agree.

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