Second DOE study on Greenhouse Gases

DOE is preparing another major study on greenhouse gases for release by the end of Novermber, called “Technology Opportunities to Reduce U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, also known as the “11-Lab Study”.

| This is separate from the “5-Lab Study” released in September
| (see UFTO Note Sept 10)
| “Scenarios of U. S. Carbon Reductions Potential Impacts of Energy-
| Efficient and Low-Carbon Technologies by 2010 and Beyond”
| Full text available in pdf Acrobat at
| Copies available on request from Tonia Edwards, 423-241-5961

The work began in June 96 following Clinton’s speech to the U.N. Each of the 11 labs that worked on the study took the lead on a specific technology area, such as efficiency in buildings, efficiency in transportation, fossil power generation, nuclear, renewables, cross-cutting areas, basic research, and carbon sequestration. It was a bottom-up effort, looking in depth at the technology itself. There was no analytical modelling of the overall energy system or economy.

NREL and ORNL were the lead labs for the effort, with direction and involvement at the lab director level.

The report concludes that science and technology can do a lot, but that appropriate policies and funding are needed for commercialization. Appendices detail 50 separate technology categories, with order-of-magnitude range estimates of carbon emission reductions to the year 2030 and beyond.

Principal contact for the study at DOE is:
Robert San Martin
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency
202-586-9277 fax 202-586-9260

Request for copies can go to his office, once the report is released.

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