DOE Carbon Reduction Study

The note quoted below just arrived today via the AESP an online link to the just released DOE report.

Energy Folks-

After a pretty extensive search, I have managed to track down the DOE study released last week that you have probably heard about, “Scenarios of U. S. Carbon Reductions Potential Impacts of Energy-Efficient and Low-Carbon Technologies by 2010 and Beyond”

Find a link to it on Sustainable Minnesota’s Climate Change Resources Page at:


Here is some from the Executive summary:

The study documents in detail how four key sectors of the economy – buildings, transportation, industry, and electric utilities – could respond to directed programs and policies to expand adoption of energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies, an increase in the relative price of carbon-based fuels by $25 or $50/tonne (e.g., as a result of a cap on domestic carbon emissions and a market for carbon “permits”), and an aggressive program of targeted research and development. Current projections suggest that a carbon emissions reduction of 390 million metric tons per year (MtC year) is required to stabilize U.S. emissions in 2010 at 1990 levels.

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