CURC Technology Exchange Conference

(note–I am tentatively planning to attend. EB)

November 3-5, 1997
La Jolla Hyatt Regency
San Diego, California

For the first time ever, the California Utility Research Council (CURC) is hosting a comprehensive conference to present energy technology trends in California and exciting RD&D collaboration opportunities.

(For those unfamiliar with CURC, it is comprised of the CPUC, CEC, and California utilities. Established several years ago to coordinate utility R&D in the state, CURC was asked by CEC Commissioner David Rohy to host an event designed to present technology activities, trends, and collaboration opportunities related to California’s interests.)

Restructuring of the electric and gas industries in California has had a dramatic effect on the energy RD&D landscape in California. Previously, most of this work was funded by ratepayers and managed by the four largest investor-owned California utilities: PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, and SoCalGas. Supplemental funding for California RD&D interests was provided by GRI, EPRI, and DOE.

Restructuring is changing how RD&D will be done in California, creating many new opportunities for collaboration. Most notable is the effect of California legislation (AB1890) recently passed in California which has made available $62.5 million per year for public interest energy RD&D activities. In addition, some utilities will continue to fund RD&D activities using ratepayer benefits. Overall, ratepayer-funded RD&D is on the decline as utilities continue to prepare themselves for competition under performance-based ratemaking. Finally, shareholder-funded technology development opportunities are abound for energy companies seeking a competitive advantage.

Purpose: The 1997 CURC Technology Exchange Conference will provide participants with an overview of technology trends and energy RD&D collaboration activities which benefit California. The conference will present collaboration opportunities and update participants on the implementation of the California PIER (Public Interest Energy Research) program. Participants will also have an opportunity to network directly with peers and funding agencies who are active with energy technologies.

Speakers will include CPUC and CEC commissioners, representatives of the major California utilities, Federal agency officials, equipment vendors, and R&D and technology investment specialists.

There will also be a poster/table session for presentations of relevant technologies and services.

Who Should Attend:
Engineers, scientists, investors, inventors, RD&D policymakers, government representatives, product and business development specialists.

Though the emphasis is clearly on the California situation, all interested parties from around the country (and world) are encouraged to attend, both for collaborative opportunities, and to understand how public interest issues are being addressed, as a model for what might happen elsewhere.

To be put on the mailing list for the agenda and registration forms, contact:

David Berokoff, So. Calif. Gas Co.
fax (213)244-8242

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