UFTO Various – August 1997

Several items of general business—-

| ** UFTO ** Edward Beardsworth ** Consultant
| 951 Lincoln Ave. tel 650-328-5670
| Palo Alto CA 94301-3041 fax 650-328-5675
| http://www.ufto.com edbeards@ufto.com

UFTO, along with most of the 415 area code except San Francisco, has a new area code, 650. The new code took effect August 2, but the old code will continue to work for several months.

2. Reminder: I’ve received just one set of revisions to the UFTO “Technology Needs of Utilities” document. Everyone committed to doing at least a quick edit of this June 95 document, to bring it up to date. Take it with you on vacation!

3. We’ve had some very positive comments the EdF Electrical Equipment report (sent to UFTO companies in early July), which is most gratifying. Thus far, however, there’ve been no takers for the “SME Catalogue”. Surely somebody in your company wants to see it, right? Let me know who to send it to.

4. Several conferences are set for this month and next.
Here are some reminders.

—-Aug 25-29——–Washington———-
EPRI-DOE-EPA Combined Utility Air Pollution Control Symposium; ;
(See UFTO Note June 3)
Details at http://www.epa.gov/ORD/conferences/airsymp.pdf.

—–Aug 26-28———Morgantown WV——–
“Fuel Cells ’97” Review Meeting
This is the annual DOE-EPRI-GRI Fuel Cell conference
Complete information and agenda at: http://www.fetc.doe.gov –>”Events”

—–Sept 29-30———Washington——–
Dawnbreaker 97
Recall the 40 or more technology startup stories sent to you in an UFTO Note Oct 23, 1996? (Also in the UFTO database). This is an annual DOE sponsored investors conference to present SBIR awardee companies who are looking for money, partners and customers. The crop of deals this year doesn’t look particularly exciting, and I’m not currently planning to attend. However, if one or more of you do think it worthwhile (and would be able to cover expenses) I’d certainly go on your behalf.

The complete set of abstracts (tantalizingly without company names) can be found at http://www.dawnbreaker.com/graphics/abstate97.html

—–Sept 22-24———Boston——–
Technology 2007
I am tentatively planning to attend on behalf of UFTO. This has always been a great opportunity to talk to lab and government reps in person and to meet promising startups.
See http://www.abptuf.org/T2007

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