IERE Workshop – Future Directions in Power System Reliability

Subject: UFTO Note – IERE Workshop – Future Directions in Power System Reliability
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997
From: Ed Beardsworth

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IERE Workshop – Future Directions in Power System Reliability

This is very late notice–just got word of this myself. EPRI and EdF are cosponsoring an IERE Workshop, at EPRI, in Palo Alto this coming Thursday and Friday, May 1-2.

There isn’t an electronic notice of this meeting posted anywhere, but I can fax you a copy of the program brochure. Also, I may be getting an electronic copy of the agenda, which I can forward via email on request.

Speakers from Japan, Canada, Europe and the US, will present more than 20 technical papers on Issues, Emerging Technologies, and System Support Tools. About 50 people are registered to attend.

In the unlikely event that someone from your company would like to attend on such short notice, for more information about registration, contact Suzette Rius, 415-855-2798,

In the likely event that you cannot attend, it may still be possible to get a copy of the workshop proceedings from EPRI. Contact Suzette after May 5.

(IERE stands for International Electric Research Exchange, and is composed of utility R&D organizations from around the world. It was started in Japan and is headquartered there. Members include UNIPEDE in Europe, and other organizations in North and South America. The Chairmanship rotates, and this year it’s held by Dick Balzhiser. Currently, it doesn’t have a presence on the web. The annual General Meeting will be held in San Francisco the week of May 4. I’ll try to get more information about the organization, e.g. membership and how to access their reports, and will pass it along.)

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