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Subject: UFTO Announcements & Other Business
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 13:03:48 -0700
From: Ed Beardsworth

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(Since we don’t do the “Bulletin” anymore, here’s a new way to feed you bits and pieces of information.)

1. T&D Workshop Plans are firming up for the UFTO T&D Workshop at PNL. Date will be either Nov 4-5 or Nov 11-12, from noon to noon. We’ll have a decision about the dates by the end of this week. There will also be a number of other things for you to see or do after we adjourn, by arrangement with PNL. Details forthcoming.

A few of you haven’t responded yet about whether you or someone from your company plans to attend, so please let me know. Also, ideas and issues for the program/agenda would be very helpful. What would YOU consider to be a successful outcome?

2. Travelin’ I’ll be out of the office Mon – Wed, and back on Thurs. Sept 26. I will be checking tel. messages, but will NOT have access to email.

I will be visiting Ontario Hydro Technologies (OHT) in Toronto, to look at the technologies and services they have to offer UFTO (and maybe convince them to join UFTO — as a user as well as a supplier of technology). As you probably know, OHT is Ontario Hydro’s former in-house R&D division, now a separate subsidiary.

October 8,9, I’ll attend the (invitation only) DOE/Dawnbreaker “Commercialization Opportunity Forum” in DC, to see presentations by 42 SBIR awardees–startup companies that are looking for investors and partners.

Technology 2006, the big annual NASA conference, is in Anaheim Oct 29-31. I plan to attend, particularly the exhibits. It’d be great to see you there, too. For registration info, call 1-800-844-NASA.

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