Bulletin #13 – Year 2 of UFTO EMail Business Models

UFTO Bulletin #13


September 25, 1995

To: UFTO Members:

. . in this issue: . . . . . . . . .

Year 2 of UFTO EMail Business Models Tech Nuggets FYI

1. Year 2 of UFTO is off and running. Membership is still evolving. Of the 10 member companies from last year, 5 have already “done the paperwork” to renew, and 3 have indicated they’re going to rejoin. NYSEG is no longer with us, due to a massive budget cut, and Boston Ed is in the midst of a major reorganization that may prevent them from continuing. A number of potential new recruits are thinking about it. My thanks to those of you that’ve talked to them and told them good things about the program.

2. EMAIL ! Everyone in the group is a regular daily user of email, so this means we can rely on it for communications. The new roster (attached) shows email addresses. Some of you are on EPRINET and/or your own company’s system. Let me know if you have questions about any of the address formats.

3. Attached is a draft of a brief discussion paper: “Business Models for New Technology in Utilities.” This is a small beginning to move us forward across the “Action Gap”. I’ll be interested in your comments.

4. The INEL draft report just went to INEL for review and comment, so I should have it to you in a week or two. Very strong in Life Extension, NDE, Systems Engineering, Power Systems and more. BTW — INEL says that nobody in UFTO has called to learn more about their super scada IDMS system. I thought this one would fly across the action gap. Are we missing something?

5. Tech Nuggets FYI– various technology stories:

• Kalina is back in the news: GE Power Systems is searching for a site to build a commercial-scale demonstration plant to show the benefits of the Kalina Cycle. The plant will probably generate 40 Mw to 140 Mw, and it will feature a GE gas turbine and a GE ammonia/steam vapor turbine in the 15-Mw to 50-Mw range. GE wants to put the plant into operation by 1998. [Turbomachinery Int’l 7/95-8/95, V. 36, No. 4, P. 11.] The San Jose Mercury ran a story and interview with Kalina back in June. Let me know if you’d like a copy.

• CORPEX, a small company in Triangle Park, N. Carolina, has a chemical oxidizing process to decontaminate large metal objectslike BWR turbine rotors, reducing waste disposal volume by 99%. [Nuclear Plant Journal 7/95, v. 13, no. 4, p. 13]

• UTILX Corp., Kent WA, is promoting CableCure, a silicone injection process to extend the life of underground residential distribution cable. [T&D Magazine 8/95, page 38.]

• Hague International, Kennebunk Maine, has demonstrated a ceramic heat exchanger that provides high temperature air to gas turbines, protecting them from corrosion. Claims 20% increase in output per pound of coal. [Washington Post 9/6/95] DOE and a small consortium of utilities and vendors have been involved. I’ve contacted the company, and have a lot more information if you’re interested.

PS: Are you going to Tech 2005 in Chicago, October 24-26? Did you get the program information? I’m planning to arrive sometime later in the day on Tuesday 10/24.

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