Fax – Tech Needs of Utilities

To: UFTO Subscribers
UFTO FAXGRAM June 1, 1995


“Technology Needs of Utilities” (draft)

I meant to ask about this in yesterday’s fax. Attached to the May 3 — Bulletin #7– there was a draft of a list of utility needs, that we’ll give to our contacts at the national labs. I asked for comments, revisions, additions, deletions, etc.

It must be perfect (ar at least adequate), because nobody has sent me any comments. If I don’t hear from you by Monday, I’ll assume it’s OK to send out.

Closure on 94-95

Also in the #7 mailing–the memo about closure terms for the 94-95 program. Please let me know if it accurately reflects your understanding. Again, can I assume that “silence gives consent”?

Hope to see you in SF! We already have at least 4 for dinner on the 19th. Any suggestions for a restaurant?

Thanks again.


BTW: What interest in the PNL highlights?

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