Fax – Mar 1995

To: UFTO Subscribers
UFTO FAXGRAM March 3, 1995


Michael Mulcahy BECO
Rex Roehl Comm•Ed
Mary Cucchiarella NSP
Sheila Snyder NYSE&G
Betsey Krieg PG&E
Doug Boleyn PGE
Dave Odor PSI Energy
Bill Muston TU
Graham Siegel WEPCo
Daniel Madet EDF

No “Bulletin” this month** — Gearing up for the meetings in Denver!

[Please pass this along to whoever’s coming to Denver.]

We’ll have strong attendance in Denver next week. All but two utilities will be represented, and several of you are sending two people.

• UFTO SITE VISIT TO NREL Thursday March 9 8:30 am -5 pm

NREL has planned a very full day of presentations and discussions for us. Jo Ellen Nealy is lining up the program, and she’ll be faxing a preliminary agenda, along with directions from the new Denver International Airport to NREL and the Marriott (where everyone plans to stay).

I hope everyone will come to dinner Thursday night, at a famous restaurant in downtown Golden. (No-host, unless someone volunteers?) I’ve suggested to NREL staff that they join us. Let’s hope a number of them will.

(You can reach Jo Ellen at 303-275-3066, Fax 275-3097, or by email: nealyj@tcplink.nrel.gov)


• UFTO GROUP MEETING Friday March 10 8:30 am- 3 pm

This is our own UFTO meeting. Here are some of the topics to be covered:

• Program overview and objectives

• Member Utilities’ technology strategies

• How members are using UFTO , and what will success look like

• How/when can members support each other (and when they can’t)

• FEEDBACK — how to enhance the program, the process, the materials, etc.

• Where do we go from here:

– Scope of work for the balance of the 94-95 program and final site choices

– After September 1st ? Early thoughts — continue? modify? new subscribers?

(Gary Nakarado asked if he could sit in, so be thinking about whether or not we need part or all the time with just the UFTO group. My own view is that it could be quite helpful to have Gary present.)


Please, give me a call with your thoughts on the content and process for Friday’s meeting.

[Especially if you’re not coming!]

See you in Denver! EdB

** • Welcome to Sheila Snyder, Jim Marean’s replacement at NYSEG.

• Had a very productive first visit at L. Berkeley Lab, and met with rep of Pacific NW Lab.

Some really prime technology and programs for utilities! Details to follow.

• Going to Sandia and Los Alamos right after the Denver meeting.

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