December 12, 1994

To: UFTO Subscribers

Michael Mulcahy BECO
Rex Roehl Comm•Ed
Mary C. Starks NSP
Jim Marean NYSE&G
Betsey Krieg PG&E
Doug Boleyn PGE
Dave Odor PSI Energy
Bill Muston TU
Graham Siegel WEPCo


A quick note before the holidays…

1. One or two of you have indicated that you may not have received the November Bulletin #2, which included the Argonne and NIST reports. Please let me know immediately if you missed any of these mailings:

Welcome to UFTO
Bulletin #1, with Oak Ridge report
11/1 Bulletin #2, with Argonne and NIST reports. Also a report containing background and reference materials
12/1 Bulletin #3, with Livermore report, and notes on NREL and the DOE Fossil International program

2. Any suggestions on format and content would be most welcome. Is there anything I can do to help you manage this material and pass information along to people in your company in a truly effective way?

3. The invoice will go out this week for the 2nd installment, due January 1, to improve chances of action on it in early January.

4. Urgent Business! Let’s schedule the briefing at your company for early next year–February at the latest, OK? OK!

Have a Great Holiday and Very Very Happy New Year!!!!


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