MC Power Seeking Strategic Partners

MC Power is quietly looking for strategic business partners to participate directly with them in the commercialization of molten carbonate fuel cells. MC Power plans to concentrate on building the fuel cell stack based on their proprietary technology, and have others do balance of plant fabrication and system assembly, and marketing, sales, distribution, and service. They’re also looking for preferred equipment and materials supplier arrangements.

The company has a detailed business plan which involves several stages leading up to operation of a number of commercial prototype generators in 2000 and 2001, and manufacturing capability for delivery on commercial orders in 2002. They believe that their extensive intellectual property (patents and know-how) puts them in a good position to provide electricity at a levelized cost of 5.5-7 cents/kwh, below the forecast average price paid by commercial users; with superior environmental performance; and with advantages for the restructured marketplace (small scale and cogeneration).

There are many attractive market segments: utilization of waste gases from industrial processes, landfill and water treatment plants; commercial and light industrial users, distributed generation on networks; and international markets.

MC Power is currently owned 51% by IGT, and 24.5% each by Bechtel and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries. Notably, the company will offer ownership positions, and the opportunity to invest at pre-IPO valuations.

A number of utilities, including one or two UFTO members, are already members of the Alliance to Commercialize Carbonate Technology, who will be notified of these developments. The company has a confidential “Partnering Opportunity” memorandum which presents a broad summary of the plan described here.

Contact: Lee Camara, President
630-986-8040 x151, fax 630-986-8072,

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