7th Intl Conf on Cold Fusion

7th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-7)
April 19 – 24, 1998
Vancouver Trade & Conventional Centre
Vancouver, Canada

The study of low energy induced nuclear reactions in solids has continued to mature, and many new and compelling scientific findings are becoming known. ICCF-7 provides a unique international forum for direct interaction among top scientists in the field. The quality and diversity of on-going research and commercial implications make ICCF-7 an important event that should not be missed.

ICCF-7 Secretariat
391-B Chipeta Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 USA

Phone (801) 583-2000 Fax (801) 583-6245


Rotating Chairperson for ICCF-7:
Mr. F. Jaeger (USA)
Honorary Co-Chairpersons Emeritus:
Dr. Martin Fleischmann (UK), Dr. Stanley Pons (France)

Committee Members:
Prof. T. Bressani (Italy), Prof. G. Preparata (Italy), Prof. H. Ikegami (Japan), Prof. N. Samsonenko (Russia), Mr. R. Machacek (Canada), Prof. C. Sanchez (Spain), Dr. M. McKubre (USA), Dr. F. Scaramuzzi (Italy), Mr. K. Namba (Japan), Dr. M. Srinivasan (India), Prof. M. Okamoto (Japan), Prof. X.Z. Li (China)

Scientific Chairman: Prof. G. Miley – Univ. of Illinois
Organizing Chairman: Mr. Fred Jaeger – ENECO

Prof. P. Hagelstein – M.I.T., Prof. R. Oriani – Univ. of Minnesota, Prof Y. Kim – Purdue , Dr. T. Passell – EPRI, Dr. Y. Kucherov – ENECO, Mr. R. Machacek – Ontario Hydro, Dr. Carol Storms – Los Alamos (retired), Dr. E. Storms – Los Alamos (retired), Dr. D. Nagel – Naval Research Lab, Dr. F. Tanzella – SRI

Sep 26, 1997 — Official call for one-page abstracts.
Nov 1, 1997 — Deadline for abstracts & registration for presenters.
Jan 1, 1998 — Conference fee increases to $500 USD.
Jan 15, 1998 — Final notification of oral or poster status.
Jan 30, 1998 — Final amendments for abstracts to be published
in ICCF-7 Program Manual and website.
Apr 19, 1998 — Deadline for final papers for inclusion in the
ICCF-7 Proceedings (distributed – Summer ’98)
Apr 19-24th — Vancouver, Canada


08:30 – 09:10 — Invited presentation of the day’s topic.
09:10 – 09:30 — Follow-up discussion and questions.
09:30 – 09:55 — Oral presentation #1 *
09:55 – 10:20 — Morning break
10:20 – 10:45 — Oral presentation #2
10:45 – 11:10 — Oral presentation #3
11:10 – 11:35 — Oral presentation #4
11:35 – 12:00 — Oral presentation #5

12:00 – 13:30 — Lunch

13:30 – 15:00 — 15-20 oral previews of poster presenters (3-5 min/ea)
15:00 – 15:30 — Afternoon break
15:30 – 17:30 — Poster presentations

19:30 – 20:30 — Evening workshops; three nights

* Regular oral presentations will be 20 minutes followed with a 5 minute question and answer period. All oral presenters in the morning will also host a poster follow-up session in afternoon.
November 24, 1997

Significant attention has been drawn to harmful effects that growing fossil fuel emissions have on the environment. Clearly, non-polluting alternative energy sources must be developed to maintain ecological balances and to sustain economic growth.

“Cold Fusion”, a new area of energy research, has the potential to provide economical, clean energy for the next century. The field has steadily evolved to its present form as the study of low energy induced nuclear reactions in solids. It has grown into a diversified, international area of research involving hundreds of scientists from many highly respected laboratories.

An International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF) is held every 18 months to present laboratory results and to exchange ideas for the advancement of scientific knowledge for this promising new field. The 7th international conference, ICCF-7, will be held in Vancouver, Canada next April 19th-24th.

We are seeking financial support from your organization for the ICCF-7 scholarship fund. Conference organizers want to ensure the presentation of the broadest possible peer-reviewed work, regardless of the financial ability of the presenting researcher. Every $5,000 of financial sponsorship will cover basic local expenses and fees for up to five research scientists at ICCF-7. Scholarship recipients can often obtain the balance of travel expenses from their institutes once they have early assurance that their basic local expenses are covered under our cost-sharing scholarship program.

Please let me know if your organization is willing to help fund the ICCF-7 scholarship program for presenting scientists. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Fred Jaeger, Organizing Chairman

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