UFTO WEB SITE (beta) up and running!

Subject: UFTO WEB SITE (beta) up and running!
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 09:02:10 -0800
From: Ed Beardsworth

| ** UFTO ** Edward Beardsworth ** Consultant
| 951 Lincoln Ave. tel 415-328-5670
| Palo Alto CA 94301-3041 fax 415-328-5675
| NOTE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: edbeards@ufto.com

The UFTO Web site is operational, and ready for you to take a test drive. Go to: http://www.ufto.com

Behind the public home page, the good stuff is in a members only area requiring password access.

There you’ll find the UFTO TOPICS Database with a full feature search engine. It contains 408 data records of the UFTO Topics database, from the first results in 1994 thru to the DOE SBIR conference of October ’96.

1. The primary purpose of the web site, at least initially, is to provide access to the database.

2. It is for the use of UFTO member companies only. Anyone in your company can register to request access. This results in an email note to me. Then I need to access the server and add the user’s name and password, so this won’t be instantaneous. I’ll try to do this promptly, and notify you when they’re ready.

3. Please run the search engine thru its paces, and explore the data a bit, and let me know if you run into any snags.

4. The data is the same as you’ve seen in the UFTO Topics reports (e.g. T&D, Nuclear, etc.), and data records have been coded to enable you to select them by “Topic”, and essentially recreate updated versions of those Topic Reports.

5. It shows you a list of search hits and then you ‘view one record at a time’ — which is fairly standard. There will be future enhancements, particularly to provide better output capabilities.

So! Have a look! Let me know how it looks to you.

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