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Extended Range for Hydrogen Vehicles

Extended range with metal hydride storage is now a reality Large scale use of hydrogen vehicles requires that they have the same range as gasoline fueled vehicles. This challenge is being addressed by an innovative hydrogen vehicle from Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) which has now started fleet testing at the South Coast Air Quality Management […]


BP And Edison Plan $1 Billion 500MW Hydrogen Power Plant

Energy giants BP and Edison are considering investing $1 billion for a new use of hydrogen – generating electricity on a large scale. Instead of this large scale plant using coal, natural gas or nuclear, it will use hydrogen. The plant would be in Carson, California, near BP’s current oil-refining operations that heavily use hydrogen […]


Big Oil is the Biggest User of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a multi-billion dollar business. 50 million metric tons of hydrogen is sold annually. World hydrogen production is doubling every decade. The biggest growth driver is oil refineries’ need to make lower-sulfur fuels. Other growth drivers are the use of hydrogen in making fertilizer, food processing, semiconductor manufacturing, and by other growth industries. You […]


All in One Hydrogen (H2) Generation and Flue Gas clean up (NOx, SOx, Hg)

I met with SRT Group recently, whose technology I find quite unique. They are under-resourced, and need some integration and scale up work done to prove out the concept for commercial use, but kept me captivated nonetheless. As advertised the technology has the potential to become a highly economic replacement for current coal fired power […]


Over 1,000 Hydrogen Riders in California

2005 finished with over 1,000 Californians taking daily rides on hydrogen vehicles. In addition to about 80 hydrogen cars, SUVs and trucks were eight high-capacity hydrogen buses. Scheduled deliveries will double the number of hydrogen vehicles in California in 2006. 1,000 daily riders is an important increase from a meager few hundred in 2004. Santa […]


Photolytic Hydrogen from Sunlight

Researchers have been working on a process that uses sunlight to produce hydrogen by splitting water directly. To understand photoelectrolysis, think of a PV cell underwater, where the electrochemical energy produced is immediately used to electrolyze water, instead of creating an external current.


Sugar to Hydrogen by Aqueous Catalysis

In its August 29 issue, Nature magazine published an article by a distinguished group of researchers at the Univ. of Wisconsin who have succeeded in producing hydrogen and fuel gas directly from sugars and other compounds (ethylene glycol, glycerol, etc.). The novel new process is not biological, but catalytic, and represents a key breakthrough.


Nickel Hydrogen Battery Ready for Commercialization

Nickel Hydrogen Batteries have been used in space for decades, and are known for extreme reliability. Ergenics Inc. has basic patents for a “segmented Ni H battery” concept that should make it practical for terrestial uses. They’re building a prototype for ARPA for a military hybrid vehicle, and can make them as small as a laptop computer battery.