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Next Generation Energy - LENR/Cold Fusion/"Free Energy", Fact vs Fiction

Eventbrite - Next Generation Energy - LENR/Fusion/Perpetual Motion Machines

The quest, the goal, the holy grail... a source of energy to power modern society which is cheap, clean and inexhaustible.  We know a great deal about the sources we have, and why they aren't good enough.  Fossil fuel, the sun, geothermal, nuclear, biomass, wind, oceans, etc. And mankind looks farther:

  1. In the realm of "known" or "generally accepted" science, we look for breakthroughs, either to improve on existing sources, or to make practical concepts we know about but can't yet implement, i.e. fusion.
  2. In the realm of "not accepted" science, a perhaps surprisingly large number of people are hard at work to uncover phenomena that are "known" to be impossible. They are scorned, dismissed, ignored and banished by mainstream science, and with a couple of notable exceptions (e.g. cold fusion), completely ignored by the popular and science press.

"Known Science"

New Nuclear Fission

A quick survey: small modular reactors (SMR), alternate reactor concepts and fuel cycles.


-- the mainstream programs with huge devices (ITER, NEF) unlikely to deliver, ever.

-- alternate approaches - smaller systems may have a chance--some are venture backed

-- aneutronic. uses different "fuels". much less radiation, but much harder to do (higher energy)

"Not Accepted Science" •"Free Energy" • "Over unity" • "vacuum energy" • "Magnetic motors" Most of it can be dismissed, but perhaps not all. More than a few established and well trained scientists take these things quite seriously, in spite of career risks. Including, by the way, "cold fusion", aka LENR (low energy nuclear reactions).. What will we know in 50 years that we don't know now? Imagine someone describing a nuclear power plant in 1930)

About the Speaker

Dr. Edward Beardsworth

As a strategic advisor, Dr. Beardsworth has been supporting corporate and investor clients, helping them to source widely and choose wisely among new technology opportunities. He possesses a deep, nuanced understanding of the complex energy and cleantech industry gained over his 30+ year career – setting him apart from relative newcomers to the industry. After earning a PhD in physics in 1972 from Rutgers University, he was in the group at Brookhaven National Lab that undertook interdisciplinary analyses of energy systems during the first energy crisis of the 1970s. Subsequently, he served in positions at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), which has given him an insider's view of power systems and the utility industry. Dr. Beardsworth speaks the language of both technologists and investors, providing an important bridge between these two stakeholder groups.  

Besides being's Research Director, he's been Associate Director at Jane Capital Partners LLC, advisor to Nth Power, Garage Technology Ventures, and a consultant to the Cleantech Group.  He previously managed the Hub Lab, a stealth R&D program funding revolutionary energy technologies, and managed the UFTO program, providing technology scouting to 30 of the top utility R&D and corporate venture arms.