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Street Lighting Retrofit: DHID™ Best Value Over LED

Wed, Nov 7 2012 07:25am PST 1
Anthony Borges
Anthony Borges
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Over-all, DHID™ provides the Municipality/City clientele the Lowest Cost (<5 year payback), Most Proven (50,000+hrs. life, 90%+ lumen maintenance), Most Environmentally Responsible (re-use/retrofit fixture) Solution.

To replace existing H.I.D. lamp fixtures with LED ‘one-for-one’ requires an IES Specification Redesign: due to LED technology’s lower lumens per Watt (light output versus energy consumed), and lower penetrating light over distance. Technically, higher Wattage, higher cost LED fixtures are needed; OR pole spacing needs to be closer (more posts added), and mounting height needs to be lower to match the performance of DHID™ lamp technology.

Downloadable PDF file click-> Street Lighting Retrofit: DHID™ Best Value Over LED

"...does the LED live up to its glowing reputation? Well, not yet."
Feature Article: Are LEDs still the future for lighting?

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Anthony Borges

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Thu, Feb 7 2013 02:00am PST 2
julie anderson
julie anderson
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As my friend working on a project called "Density Based Street Light Switching Based On Sensors".The whole prroject mainly depends on street lights LED's .This website gave us a valuable information.Smile

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